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7 Tips For Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is an astounding game. The levels, the music and the gameplay all come together for an amazing experience. But with so much packed into one game, you may need some help. That’s where we come in! Check out our 7 tips for playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Explore Super Mario Bros. Wonder!

The name of the game is exploration! Well, the name of the game is Super Mario Bros. Wonder but you get what we mean! There’s so much hidden off the beaten track that exploring is always rewarded. The same goes for experimenting. Try things. See how they work out. You’ll never know what might be useful.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Exploring

Don’t be afraid to switch things up

Badges are there to help you by adding an extra jump, giving you a powerup or by making coins easier to collect. If you’re having trouble with a level try switching badges or changing to Yoshi or Nabbit to improve your chances of survival. Don’t forget about online mode either! Other players’ standees can save you in particularly difficult sections.

Listen to the flower

As well as being hilarious, the talking flower found throughout Super Mario Bros. Wonder gives you tips. From pointing out where things look different to suggesting that something feels missing, he can guide you through your journey in the Flower Kingdom.

What is needed for 100% in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

When you beat Bowser the credits will roll and you may think your time with Super Marios Bros. Wonder is done. You would be mistaken. After the credits you’ll be awarded your first medal. There are six in total to 100% complete the game. Do the following to earn medals:

  • Finish the game
  • Find every Wonder Seed
  • Get every 10 value Flower Coin
  • Obtain every badge
  • Buy every Standee
  • Get the top of every flagpole

Get the top of the flagpole easy

If you’re chasing the medal for getting the top of all the flagpoles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, we’ve got a very simple way to get them! To do this you’ll need the Crouching High Jump badge. Equip it and get to the end of the level. Stand on a bit of the base of the flagpole to give you that extra little bit of height, hold down to charge, then jump. You’ll hit the top every time.

Buying Standees

There are 144 Standees in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. You can buy them for 10 Flower Coins each at the majority of Poplin shops around the map. This is a random selection though and you may end up getting one you’ve already got.

Have no fear though, because there is another shop that allows you to buy a Standee you don’t have every time. The Poplin shop in the Special World lets you buy a Standee you don’t have for 30 Flower Coins. It’s a bit more that the 10 at other shops, but when you’re trying to get the last few Standees, spending 30 Flower coins for a guaranteed new Standee is better than wasting Flower Coins getting ones you’ve already got.

Use the level select screen in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

One of the most useful tools in completing Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the level select screen. It shows you all the Wonder Seeds and 10-value Flower Coins collected in each level, along with if you’ve hit the top of the flagpole. Once a level has a green tick in the background, that means you’ve found everything. If you’ve got all the Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins, and the top of the flagpole but no green tick, that might mean there’s another secret to find…

There you have it, seven tips to help you on your Super Mario Bros. Wonder journey! Got any more tips? Let us know on our socials!

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