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AGDAs 2023 Winners: Aus Game Devs Shine

The night of nights for the Australian game development community, the AGDAs 2023, celebrated the achievements local studios and individuals tonight. Set against the backdrop of the iconic live music venue The Forum in Melbourne, attendees gathered to honour the work of outstanding games and solo achievements.

An ADGAs 2023 Favourite Emerges

The AGDAs 2023 saw 22 games nominated over 13 Excellence awards, with six culture awards given to outstanding individuals and studios. A favourite of the night was Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, with five nominations. Moving Out 2 and Vactics were close behind with four nominations each.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical took home three categories, including the coveted Game Of The Year Award. Language learning game Earthlingo won the award for Excellence in Impactful Games and at the same time announced that the game would be free for schools and universities.

AGDAs 2023 Game Of The Year Stray Gods

AGDAs 2023 Career & Culture Awards

The Career & Culture awards highlighted select individuals for their work in the Australian video games industry. The Adam Lancman Award, honouring someone who has helped the game industry to advance to a better place. This year’s recipient was Trent Kusters. He  is the Co-Founder and Director of League Of Geeks and works tirelessly to raise others up in his previous roles as an Industry Advisor to DiGRA Australia and Chairperson of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival.

As a Western Australian based publication it was a thrill to see Caitlan Lomax win one of two Empower awards. These are awarded to individuals who empower others to achieve their creative visions and tirelessly put the needs of others above their own. This can be seen recently in WA with the effort her and her team put into running WA Games Week and Perth Games Festival.

Congratulations to all the winners!

AGDAs 2023 Winners

Excellence in ART

Excellence in GAMEPLAY

Excellence in NARRATIVE

Excellence in SOUND DESIGN

Excellence in MUSIC



Excellence in EMERGING GAMES

 Excellence in IMPACTFUL GAMES

 Excellence in MOBILE GAMES

 Excellence in AR/VR

Excellence in ONGOING GAMES


AGDAs 2023 Career & Culture Awards

  • Rising Star Award: Ryan Penning
  • Empower Award: Dylan Bennett
  • Empower Award: Caitlin Lomax
  • MIGW Award: O’Saurus Studio
  • Adam Lancman Award: Trent Justers
  • Studio Of The Year Award: Playside Studios


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