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Classified: France ’44 Revealed with New Trailer

Throughout May we received some redacted messages from Team17 Digital about an upcoming tactical turn-based strategy game. Finally on May 31, a new trailer revealed all from upcoming game Classified: France ’44 by developers Absolutely Games. Launching on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 in 2023, Classified: France ’44 is inspired by the untold story of the Jedburghs. This was a group of heroic Allied special forces dropped behind enemy lines – and disparate brave Resistance groups working across Northern France during the weeks and months ahead of the decisive Normandy landings on D-Day.

The game features a series of evolutionary gameplay mechanics for the turn-based tactical genre, including a much greater emphasis on the use of stealth to complete missions. There is an enhanced overwatch ability that provides further tactical options, and an engaging morale-based combat & suppression system that means every shot matters. We will complete challenging objectives in over 45 missions supplied to your team by the French forces and can choose which missions suit our strategies to grow the resistance.

We will be able to choose from an authentic and characterful mix of heroes, each with their own story to tell. Train, customise and equip them with a growing arsenal of skills and weapons, and raise the morale of your team by spending time around the campfire, learning about their lives as they fight across the war-ravaged fields of occupied France. Updates and expansions will grow the world of Classified: France ‘44, bringing new and exciting elements to the game. There will also be a Classified Mission Creator and modding tools to ensure there will always be player-created content to explore.

Classified: France ’44 Key Features

  • Engage in tactical realism: Combined with tactical stealth play, enemy engagements are designed to replicate real-world military strategy, with combat relying on suppressing opponents with morale damage, then flanking pinned targets to finish the job
  • Discover an untold story: Follow a campaign based on the heroic exploits of the Allied special forces and French Resistance factions ahead of the Normandy landings, as you lead a unique and memorable team with their own skills, politics, and personalities
  • Define D-Day’s success: In the game’s non-linear and highly replayable campaign, gain the trust of disparate political factions, manage your growing team, face challenging dilemmas, and ultimately, raise a Resistance force that will make or break the D-Day landings
  • Fight on: Classified: France ’44 will include a mission editor for the community to craft and share missions using the very same tools that the game itself was built in (PC only) and upcoming DLCs.

Classified: France ’44 is set for release in 2023 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation5. For more information, head over to the game’s official website.


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