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Colony Simulator Ragnorium Launches v1.0

Fantasy colony simulator Ragnorium, developed by Vitali Kirpu (Pixel Piracy) and published by Devolver Digital, launched on Steam early access on September 16, 2020. Now over 18 months later, Ragnorium launches v1.0 with a heap of updates and changes. Amongst a huge list of these changes is a new feature to unlock planets as you play and the unlocking Mechanism is tied to how long you can survive on a particular map.

Ragnorium is set in an alternative universe where the privatisation of space exploration has led to the commoditization of clone colonists. You are tasked with establishing a self-sustainable colony and helping your faction survive the oncoming Holy Crusade led by Sentient Machine. Embedded with RPG mechanics, players are able to customize their colonists alongside the colony through experience, scavenged items, and crafting.

“Now complete with more colonist types, six planet maps, randomised items, new resources, characters and boss encounters, Ragnorium 1.0 welcomes players old and new to challenge their colony management credentials. The introduction of Zenlike Mode gives players a more relaxed onboarding experience, granting them a generous window of tranquillity before Ark Holy Crusade invasions are introduced and the difficulty begins to rise. Hardcore Mode, on the other hand, is a relentless and unforgiving mode for only the pluckiest pioneers.”

Each map in Ragnorium has a unique atmosphere, music, enemies, and backstory for you to play through. The first map, ESMA-1, was inspired by American Western Canyons and the Aliens movie. ERAN-2 is a mars-like planet while SAHRON is an Arabian Culture and Egypt-like planet. Thanks to the amazing people at Devolver Digital, I will be diving into the game this week and will post a review once I’ve experienced enough of the game. I’ve been told there’s a decent amount of content, so I’m looking forward to it.

From the game’s Steam page:

“As I mentioned previously, work on Ragnorium with the 1.0 Update won’t end, and I will keep working on the game; version 1.0 will serve as an excellent base to build upon and improve further. Right now, I estimate that the next big update will happen sometime in Autumn, and if the situation requires it, I can perform even some updates sooner.”

Discover more about Ragnorium at their official website and follow @ragnorium on Twitter for more insights into cloning, space colonisation and their thoughts on utopian interstellar societies.


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