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Dead Island 2 Launches on Steam – Worth a Play

It’s been a year since Dead Island 2 launched on Epic Games Store and consoles, and today it has finally launched on Steam. I was an early adopter of Steam in September 2003 and I have over 1500 games on the platform. One of the things I love doing is having collections of game series over the years, like Call of Duty, all of the LucasArts games, and series like Dead Island. I loved my time in Dead Island 2 last year and found this sequel takes what was great about the first Dead Island game from 2011 and adds a fantastic story, amazing gory graphics, and it’s just so fun and satisfying slaying so many zombies in so many ways.

Graphically the game is insanely good. From the high level of detail in each character you meet, to the vast expanses of landscapes within cities and cliffs overlooking Beverly Hills, to hacking off limbs of so many zombies. This game is a visual treat so long as your PC can handle it. All characters you meet are well written and very well voice acted. It all felt very well put together and matched the mood and tone of each scene.

Players can explore an iconic, gore-drenched Los Angeles – flooded with a zombie infection – while meeting larger-than-life characters and slaying countless foes in exquisitely bloody detail. As well as the full game on steam, users will be able to purchase all the currently released DLC’s – Haus and SoLA – as well as weapon packs, additional character cosmetics and the expansion pass. For more information, head over to the official Steam page and enjoy zombie slaying to the max! Ordinarily priced at AU$89.95, it’s on sale for 50% off at AU$44.97 until the end of April which is well worth the purchase price.


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