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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Coming in 2024 & New Episodes

I have been out of the Destiny 2 scene for quite a while now, and a big part of that was when favoured character Cayde-6 exited the game. He is the reason my main character has been a Hunter from all the way back to the Destiny 1 days and The Taken King expansion. I have often said that if Cayde-6 somehow returns that I would give the game another look. The trailer for the 2024 expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape has done just that, and I am super excited to see the legend back. More details about the expansion and a new chapter format for Destiny 2 content is outlined in the press release from Bungie.

In Destiny 2: The Final Shape, Guardians will confront oblivion in the form of their ultimate adversary –The Witness – alongside their iconic Vanguard companions: Ikora Rey, Commander Zavala, and the mysteriously returned Cayde-6. Players will embark on a perilous journey of remembrance and discovery into the heart of the Traveler, rally the Vanguard, and end the War of Light and Darkness. The story of this final confrontation will be told throughout the course of The Final Shape‘s campaign, as well as in the new raid that will launch in March 2024.

Into the Traveller

During the campaign of The Final Shape, Guardians will explore a mysterious new destination – The Pale Heart, located inside the Traveler. Shaped by The Witness but also influenced by the history and journey of the Guardians themselves, The Pale Heart destination will feature nostalgic callbacks from throughout the history of the Light and Darkness Saga, including a version of the original Tower from Destiny. As the first linear destination in Destiny history, The Pale Heart will also gradually evolve.

Alongside a new campaign and a new destination, as well as a reunion of iconic characters who have gathered to face the threat of The Witness together, The Final Shape expansion will offer players new offensive capabilities in the form of three new Super abilities and Aspects (Void for Titans, Solar for Warlocks, and Arc for Hunters), each developed with teamplay in mind. Further, new additions to the Destiny 2 arsenal will make Guardians even more imposing, including a new weapon subfamily that includes the Rocket Pistol Sidearm and a new Support Frame Auto Rifle that can deal damage while healing allies.

Additionally, classic weapons from the original Destiny will return, and a new Exotic Fusion Rifle, among others. Guardians will put these tools to use against an imposing new enemy type – Subjugators – who are able to use Stasis and Strand powers against Guardians while also adding an element of control to the battlefield.

Destiny 2 developers also detailed features coming to the game in the next year, including an improved Power system that will make it easier for players of different Power levels to take part in activities together, the upcoming Fireteam Finder feature (coming in November 2023) designed to help players find fellow Guardians to play with in activities across the game, as well as PvP updates including a new Vex-themed map called Multiplex, a new Relic-based game mode, and the new Checkmate modifier.

Before the opening of the August Showcase event, a moment of silence was observed for Lance Reddick, who passed away in March. Reddick’s dignified portrayal as the English language voice actor of Zavala made an inspiring fan-favourite character in the Destiny universe. Earlier this month, Bungie announced that film and television actor Keith David would take over the role of Zavala, allowing the character’s story to continue in The Final Shape. In addition, film and television actor Nathan Fillion announced his return to the Destiny franchise as the voice of the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 in May of this year.

Destiny 2 Episodes Content

As part of the August Showcase, Bungie detailed its new Episodes content format for Destiny 2, which will begin in March 2024 shortly after the launch of The Final Shape. Replacing the current seasonal model, Episodes represent an entirely new approach to storytelling and content. There will be three separate Episodes in 2024 – titled Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy respectively – with the first Episode launching in March. Each Episode will be a standalone story told in three Acts, exploring the aftermath and fallout of the events of the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga, while also introducing more content and rewards, more often than previous Destiny 2 Seasons.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape will launch on February 28, 2024 and pre-orders are available now on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and PlayStation.


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