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Diablo IV Season of Blood and Steam Client Launched

I had taken a break from levelling alts in Diablo IV to catch up on the plethora of game releases the past few months. However, Lilith has clawed me back with Diablo IV’s Season of Blood that went live this week. Players will team up with the Vampire Hunter Erys, voiced by actress and producer Gemma Chan, and gather Vampiric Powers to fight the new bloodthirsty threat that roams Sanctuary. This Season, explore a new questline that will have you challenge difficult foes and the terrifying Vampire Lord who commands them, Lord Zir. With this Season also comes a variety of quality-of-life updates including updates to Nightmare dungeons, faster leveling to Level 100, adjustments to mounts, additional endgame bosses, class balance improvements and much more. You can read about all of the updates here.

In addition, you may have noticed that Diablo IV is now available on Steam along with a 25% discount on both Steam and until November 2. Players can head into Sanctuary with access to a variety of features including Steam achievements, their Steam friends list, and the option to invite those friends to play in-game. Once you have purchased the game on Steam, all you need to do is to link your and Steam accounts and you can continue playing your existing character or create a new Season of Blood character.

There’s plenty to do in Season of Blood. Defeat Elite Vampires to harness their Vampiric Powers for your own devices, with three unique Pacts to customize your armour through crafting. There is a new seasonal world event, the Blood Harvest, where you can earn seasonal progress and reputation. Take on the vampire hordes in two new local events and seven new dungeon events. There’s new gear to collect too, and you can imbue your gear with blood magic, discovering the combinations that activate new Vampiric Powers you’ll use to defeat the Bloodseekers. You can read much more about Season of Blood here.

Diablo IV Season of Blood is live now and if you haven’t dived into Sanctuary yet, now is the time with Diablo IV now available on Steam.


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