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Dungeons 4 Announced with Closed Beta Signups

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have announced a closed beta for Dungeons 4the highly anticipated next instalment to the popular dungeon builder series, will run on the Microsoft Store and Steam from the January 24 to February 7 with applications now live for aspiring vindictive villains. A select number of lucky players will join the Absolute Evil where they will have an exclusive first look at what it takes to destroy the overworld and be rid of those pesky do-gooders.

In Dungeons 4, the Absolute Evil’s quest is not yet complete and with Thalya the dark elf sorcerer still by his side, it’s time to continue spreading chaos and destruction – this time with Dwarves! In this impending new addition to the popular dungeon management series, players can control even more despicable creatures in even larger dungeons.

Raise a devious army of orcs, succubae, zombies and other cruel creatures, all ready to cast corruption across the overworld. Then set your Snots to work on creating your very own sprawling underground dungeon network – just be prepared to compete with the invading Dwarves who have arrived to claim their share of space and supplies. Take on the 20-mission long, fully narrated campaign, or use two-player co-op multiplayer to double the destruction and manage your dungeon with a fellow evil friend.

Including a complete single-player campaign, fans of the franchise can get their hands on the game’s newest features, including larger maps and even more corrupt creatures. Feeling despicable? Sign up here. The closed Discord Community Hub will be unlocked for selected participants to share their thoughts and beta applications close on January 15.

Dungeons 4 features include:

  • Everything is better with Dwarves: The Dwarves have arrived to build their underground strongholds and the hardy little fellows (although they don’t like being called that) compete with the Ever-Expanding Evil for space and resources. 
  • It makes your Dungeon great again: Dungeons are up to four times larger than before and there are many more creatures who wait for the All-Commanding Evil’s orders to conquer the Overworld. Now the time has come for massive armies and truly sprawling dungeons! 
  • Ripe for the taking: The Overworld is bigger than ever before. Gain Evilness by beating Mini Bosses like the obsessively harmonious Unicorn and use it to transform the Overworld into stunning biomes of pure evil.  
  • New and shiny: An ability-based Perk system for Thalya, the Absolute Evil’s trusted *cough* and most loyal subordinate, grants her impressive new powers. The Absolute Evil can now enjoy taking over the world, governing the creatures and slapping subordinates even more with the customizable Evil Hand. 
  • Minions, everywhere: The Horde, the Undead and the Demons wait to do the Absolute Evil’s bidding, with more creatures than ever eagerly following the gesturing Evil’s orders, and Snots will play a much more prominent role this time. 
  • Many ways to tell the story: A long campaign, narrated by the beloved English Narrator from previous titles, as well as several skirmish maps all to challenge your rule as the Absolute Evil. 
  • Change the world: Spread your Evilness across the Overworld to bring lush and green environments over to the dark side, now shining even more vibrantly and beautifully evil as you spread your evilness across many new biomes. 
  • Work together, slay together: 2-player co-op multiplayer with both players managing one Dungeon together. All skirmish maps and the campaign are playable in co-op.

Do-gooders and benevolent creatures beware, Dungeons 4 will emerge from the darkness in 2023 on PC, Xbox One/Series X|S, and PlayStation 4/5The forces of evil will not be stopped and it’s time to continue your diabolical quest for destruction.


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