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Fairytale City Builder Fabledom Announced

Indie developer Grenaa Games has partnered with publisher Dear Villagers and announced a new storybook fantasy game called Fabledom. It’s a city builder where players can create their own slice of paradise set in a kingdom of trolls, knights and princesses. The game will have a demo in February as part of the Steam Next Festival and is aiming for an early access launch in Spring 2023 (our Aussie Autumn).

The game looks very cool and something I am looking forward to playing with my 5-year-old daughter. Players will be able to create a settlement from the ground up by adding castles, barracks, farms, fields and more, with customisation options for the buildings and a range of decorations for imaginations to go wild. As with all good fairy tales featuring good and evil, you will have to fortify your fortress and fight neighbouring colonies to rule the realm! We will raise an army, choose a champion, and defend your kingdom against wicked neighbors and minions, or send your hero to fight in your name in a mighty quest to collect epic loot and gear!

You can even find yourself a Prince or Princess Charming who you can marry. Romance will strongly shape the way you play the game and interact with your neighbours, and every courtship brings new ways to establish your village as essential to the region​. Diplomacy is also at the forefront of negotiations where you will sort our friend from foe.

“With Fabledom we wanted to merge the joy of city building games with the quaint, wholesome charm of fairy tales,” said Max Nielsen, Owner/ Game Designer of Grenaa Games. “We wanted to create something laid back enough for kids and casual players to get a kick out of, while offering enough optional depth for genre veterans to sink their teeth into. We’re beyond excited to see what kinds of kingdom you all create when Fabledom launches this year!”

“Fabledom really captures the voice of Dear Villagers,” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers. “It’s got villagers! It’s dear! It’s quaint and charming and cute! Even its countryside looks like rural France, not too far from where we’re based in Montpellier. When we first saw Fabledom, we couldn’t help but be delighted by it!”

For more information on Fabledom, be sure to wishlist the game on Steam and keep an eye out for the demo as part of the Steam Next Festival next month.


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