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Final Chance to Test Company of Heroes 3

Relic Entertainment and SEGA are excited to give players one final opportunity to play Company of Heroes 3 before its launch on Steam on February 23, 2023. Eager strategy fans can head over to Steam right now and participate in the Multiplayer Tech Test – helping Relic prepare for launch by testing its servers and infrastructure on a large scale. The Multiplayer Tech Test is available now and runs until Tuesday January 17 closing at 5:00am AEDT. Players will be able to try out eight different multiplayer maps set in both Italy and North Africa and can compete in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches, as well as play Skirmish vs AI, Annihilation Mode and create Custom Games. Players can also explore all four factions and the twelve Battlegroups included in Company of Heroes 3 at launch, so it is quite the sneak peek behind the curtain.

This Multiplayer Tech Test is aimed at RTS and strategy fans, but Relic has also included “Mission Zero”, a skippable tutorial mission for those who want to warm up their RTS muscle memory. On top of that, all playable multiplayer maps are available against AI opponents. Players can find out more about the Multiplayer Tech Test, its objectives, how to report bugs, and a schedule outlining any planned server downtime, in this blog post. Relic encourages players to share their gameplay experiences via the studio’s community feedback platform CoH-Development here.

While Company of Heroes is initially launching on Steam on February 23, 2023, console versions are currently in development. Full controller support, custom console UI, and features that allow you to play at your own pace, will make for an incredible strategy experience on PS5 and Xbox Series S and X. To do some last-minute homework on all things Company of Heroes 3, head over to the game’s official site.


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