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Indie Insights Ep 4

Indie Insights Ep 4 Jessica Wells For Indie Symphony

Indie Insights is a new video series from Roundtable Co-Op where we talk to people involved the indie game scene. From shining a light on games that you may not have heard of before, to showing lines of support out there for indie game developers looking to gain more knowledge in their industry, we will look at them all through this interview series.

Music has a special place in video games and it’s a pleasure to see Orchestra Victoria presenting Indie Symphony, a showcase of amazing indie game music. In this episode Str8JaktJim is joined by composer/arranger Jessica Wells. Together they chat about the challenges in transposing video game music into an orchestral arrangement, Jessica’s love for unconventional orchestra arrangements and share their adoration for indie video game music.

Tickets for Indie Symphony on the 8th September are available now.

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