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Indie Insights Ep 7 Hero Card

Indie Insights Ep 7: Andrew From Bungarra Studios

Indie Insights is a new video series from Roundtable Co-Op where we talk to people involved the indie game scene. From shining a light on games that you may not have heard of before, to showing lines of support out there for indie game developers looking to gain more knowledge in their industry, we will look at them all through this interview series.

It’s been a long road for Bungarra Studios but their hard work is paying off! Their realistic surfing game Barton Lynch Pro Surfing is almost ready for its full release! Str8JaktJim talks with Bungarra Studios CEO Andrew West about their journey, the challenges and why Barton Lynch?

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing in early access on Steam now.

Launching on XBox and Playstation 17th November 2023


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