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Master of Magic: Through the Myrror

Master of Magic is a remake of the “cult classic” Master of Magic from 1994, developed by MuHa Games and published by Slitherine, and released back in December 2022 reviewed by Yonan. It seems so long ago in the gaming world, however Slitherine recently announced a free update is coming on March 9. This update brings with it a host of new challenges, opportunities, and new Wizards in the form of Master of Magic: Through the Myrror. We will be introduced to the first new Wizard: Tlachtga, the goblin druid, whose mastery over nature’s powers makes her a formidable opponent on the battlefields of the Myrror.

Tlachtga: Goblin druid

Her mastery of the less benign face of the circle of life has drawn her to Myrror where nature’s malice can be tamed and controlled. Tlachtga is known for her powerful Nature summoner abilities, which make Nature summons 50% cheaper, and begins her journey with a unit of War Bears and all of the Nature summoning spells. Her dark origin story, steeped in secrecy and magic, only adds to her enigma and appeal. It is said that she was born of a union of the great druid Mug Ruith and an unknown beast, her mother. Some even claim that she was born with the ability to change form and that she actually tore herself from her mother’s belly with little bear claws.

Tlachtga Magic and Traits

Her inclusion in the Master of Magic world brings with it new challenges and opportunities for players. Tlachtga’s traits of Myrran and Nature Summoner give her a unique edge in battle and make her a force to be reckoned with. With a magic book of 8 in Nature, Tlachtga is sure to shake things up in the world of Master of Magic.

Magic Books:
Wizard Traits:
Nature summoner 

Goblins are small, green humanoids and are known for their great affinity to Nature and beast mastery and favor tribal structures and natural habitats over civilizational advancements. Goblins have a unique connection to the fauna of the land, and are known for their skill in beast taming and druidic magic. While some may describe them as primitive, the Goblins are a formidable force to be reckoned with, and their expertise in beast mastery makes them a valuable addition to any army.

Among the Druid’s special units are the following:

Boar Riders: An elite goblin cavalry, or so they say. Outsiders will describe them as a motley group of slightly deranged gobbos riding well trained, ferocious boars.
Druids: Special goblin caster unit with magical ranged attack. The druids are known for their superior affinity to Nature and can even call upon War Bears for aid.
The Beastmaster: An elite goblin unit that claims to be able to tame even the strongest of beasts. While it may seem like an exaggeration, the Beastmaster has proven himself time and time again with his strong ranged attacks and ability to fly. And what beast does he have at his command, you ask? An obese vermin – the infamous Fat Rat, is far from ordinary and has been known to cause fear in the enemy.

More “Through the Myrror” updates will be released by Slitherine between now and March 9.


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