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Men of War II Prepares for Deployment on May 15

I have had Men of War II on my wishlist since it was first announced back in 2021. The original Men of War came bundled with an old graphics card I bought in 2009 and it was a surprise hit for my mates and I. We were enthralled with the advancements in WWII RTS gameplay having played the original Company of Heroes to death at that point. Developed by Best Way and published by Fulqrum Publishing, Men of War II promises to take players deeper into the heart of war than ever before and is launching on May 15, 2024. For fans of the series, this date also marks the 10th anniversary since the full release of Men of War: Assault Squad 2.

Men of War II will launch with three playable nations – the Soviets, Americans and the Third Reich – each with their own narrative campaign, as well as two further historical campaigns, a dynamic conquest campaign and a skirmish-like raid mode. All of the single-player content can also be played in co-op with up to five players, and the game offers extensive PvP and PvE multiplayer options, including ranked matchmaking for all three battle setups (Battalions, Combined Arms and Classic Mode).

The game boasts a stunning new graphics engine that delivers unparalleled detail on the battlefield. Players will command a vast array of meticulously recreated infantry, vehicles, and aircraft, each faithfully modeled and destructible. The emphasis on unit control returns, allowing players to directly control individual soldiers or take a more top-down approach, managing larger formations. Men of War II takes players on a sprawling campaign across some of the most iconic battlefields of the war. Wage war on the Eastern Front, fight for liberation in Western Europe, and experience the brutal Pacific Theater – all demanding strategic brilliance and tactical prowess.

Men of War II promises to be a challenging and rewarding experience for strategy fans. With its detailed environments, realistic unit behavior, and deep tactical systems, the game demands careful planning, quick thinking, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the battlefield. The game also features a robust multiplayer mode where players can test their mettle against human opponents in a variety of online battles. Forge alliances, outmaneuver your foes, and secure victory on the ever-shifting tides of war.

Men of War II will be available for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores on May 15, 2024. For more information, head over to the Fulqrum Publishing website.


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