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MENACE Revealed at Gamescom, from Battle Brothers Devs

News out of Gamescom 2023 this morning is from the creators of medieval turn-based indie game Battle Brothers. Overhype Studios are developing an exciting new tactical strategy game called MENACE. Publisher Hooded Horse announced today that MENACE is a grounded sci-fi strategy experience that tasks players to restore order in the far reaches of space.

Players will lead a strike force against numerous threats in this brutal tactical RPG. You must pick allegiances and travel from planet to planet, fielding infantry, tanks, and mechs to answer distress calls and engage in intense turn-based battles. Cut off from the core worlds, help isn’t coming but neither is oversight or repercussions. MENACE takes everything beloved about Battle Brothers – the evolving characters, the challenge, the army management, the dynamic sandbox gameplay and improves it tenfold.

The game’s 3D environments allow for larger skirmishes across living battlefields, and the mysterious enemy builds on Battle Brother’s sandbox by offering a powerful foe that has profound consequences on the strategic layer. Together these innovations will shake up the current norms of turn-based tactics games. Key features of MENACE include:

  • Procedurally generated multi-mission operations.
  • Large, dynamic battle maps with innovative new mechanics for suppression and cover. 
  • A wide variety of vehicles for total combined-arms warfare.
  • A large (and randomized) selection of characters to talk to, train, and forge together into an elite force aboard the TCRN Impetus, the player’s mobile base of operations.
  • Countless equipment options, detailed supply management, and the ability to commandeer vehicles.
  • Disparate factions to negotiate and ally with, or destroy, at the player’s option.

Every run of MENACE plays differently from the last, and players will face seemingly insurmountable challenges that take multiple forms across playthroughs, testing strategic and tactical prowess in new ways each time. MENACE will be coming to early access for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2024.


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