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Microprose Publishes Waronoi, Mech Engineer

The recent acquisition by Microprose of two already released indies this week continues its focus on amazing niche strategy games. Waronoi by developer MCF and Mech Engineer by developer KiberKreker are perfect fits for the type of game Microprose is known for. A partnership with Microprose should help release the full potential of these interesting, albeit niche-market games, both of which have reviews scheduled in the next week right here at Roundtable Co-Op. Both games are still regularly getting updates; Waronoi getting a particularly large update last week and Mech Engineer getting another update in its consistent update cycle this week too.

Microprose is known for its focus on the under-served and dedicated niche audience of tactical war gamers, breaking back into the scene with games such as Carrier Command 2 and High Fleet, having recently released Second Front reviewed here by Chris and with some excellent looking games on the horizon in Urban Strife, Taskforce Admiral, and Sea Power: Naval Combat coming soon.

Waronoi is a modern military real-time strategy game that focuses on large-scale combat, as well as small skirmishes. All on the same map, at the same time, using the strategic zoom function.

  • Armies are organized hierarchically, meaning that units are connected to one another and have superior and subordinate units. Mastering this concept is the key to commanding your forces efficiently, as well as disrupting and disorganizing the enemy.
  • Various modes of play: play a series of challenges against bots, create your custom matches with customized maps and armies or challenge a mix of friends and bots (up to eight contenders) for the ultimate battlefield experience.
  • Advanced map generation: enjoy infinite map possibilities with the advanced map generation engine based on the Voronoi diagram.
  • Unique Command tree mechanic: lead an army following its realistic command structure. It feels natural, snappy, and easy to learn. Fast thinking is much more important than fast playing.
  • A proper army: learn the tools in your toolbox. Tanks, infantry, recon units, mechanized infantry, artillery, air strikes…mix and match them in your plans and assign capable commanders for optimal results.

Mech Engineer is a dark sci-fi mech assembling manager with semi-auto battles against mutating, alien bio-weapon. The gameplay is focused on resource management and mech assembly; the player can also follow the auto-battling sessions giving orders to the pilots in real time.

  • Deep and detailed management of mechs engineering including reactors, cooling, weight, and heat/energy
  • Configure and fine-tune weapons and mods through testing and ballistic simulation
  • Squad management down to individual stress levels, training, and stats
  • Manage your base repairing and upgrading its sectors and giving tasks to engineers and scientists on a day-by-day basis
  • Research components and upgrades through a full-fledged tech-tree
  • Scavenge and use different resources to repair and upgrade your mech
  • Real-time pausable missions that mix auto-battling and move commands from the player
  • Unique analog ‘80s retro-style interface
  • In-game manual for quick reference while playing

While AAA games may bring jaw dropping graphical and sound quality, and a level of polish that would make Miyagi-san proud, I find these smaller, more focused games both more fun to play and more innovative. Kudos to the hard working and passionate indie developers out there. I am glad these developers and their creations found a new home at Microprose, and may it be a beneficial relationship for publisher, developers, and gamers alike.


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