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New Mobile Sci-Fi RPG Starborne: Frontiers

Starborne: Frontiers is a new release squad-based mobile experience for sci-fi fans, now available on iOS and Android devices, with a PC release to follow later this year. The game draws inspiration from popular gacha and tactics-based games but features unique strategy elements and a realistic art style. Solid Clouds spent seven years working on their debut PC game Starborne: Sovereign Space, an MMO real-time strategy game where alliances compete for control by colonising the most hexes on the map. The knowledge gained during the creation of Sovereign Space served as a strong foundation for this new mobile game, set in the same universe.

Starborne: Frontiers promises a story-driven experience, expanding on the intrigue and mystery of the Starborne Universe. Set 400 years in the future, players will find themselves on the lawless fringes where mega-corporations fight for wealth and control. From the ruthless Zealot Pirates of XAOC, to the immortal scientists of Everliving, each group has their own agenda to push. Players must rely on their fleet to protect themselves and fight their way to the top of the galaxy.

One aspect of the gameplay is collecting and upgrading ships. With dozens of pieces of equipment, multiple sets, and a multitude of combinations, players can customise their fleet in unique ways. However, strategic choices both on and off the battlefield will determine the fate of the player’s fleet. On the battlefield, players can arrange their ships into near-limitless formations. Choosing the units that work best with each other is crucial. 

“The team has been working hard on making the game both enjoyable for casual players and those who want real depth in their gameplay,” says Egill Sigurjónsson, Creative Director for Starborne: Frontiers. “The combination of deep unit customization and combat placement puzzle elements allows players to spend hours testing different teams, crafting which strategy will be optimal in each situation.” 

Starborne: Frontiers also offers exciting PvP and cooperative gameplay. Players can enter the Arena to test their skills against other players, or team up with an alliance to tackle challenges together. For players seeking a challenge and a less linear progression path, they can participate in Bounties and gain powerful equipment. Here is a taste of what players can expect from the game: 

  • Over 90 captains to recruit.
  • 10 factions each with their own ethos and agendas.
  • Take on outlaws in challenging Bounties.
  • Over 100 rendered unique spaceships.
  • Strategic ship placement with limitless ship formations.

“The soft launch of the game is a huge milestone for Solid Clouds and the development team who have worked hard to achieve the goals we have set ourselves,” says Stefan Gunnarson, CEO of Solid Clouds. “The game is available in app stores and we are looking forward to receiving feedback from players. We’re getting closer to the final version of the game with constant improvements as we fine-tune and develop it further.”

The game can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store. For more information about Starborne: Frontiers, head over to the official website.


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