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Serum Playtest Live Now on Steam – First-Person Survival

Get ready to face your fears as Serum’s thrilling first-person survival adventure playtest is now underway on Steam. Developed by Game Island and published by Toplitz Productions, this haunting experience offers players a unique opportunity to shape the future of the game before its Early Access launch. The playtest, which will run for a week until May 2, grants players access to a pre-launch version of Serum. Explore two of the game’s distinct biomes and confront the lurking dangers that inhabit them. Your valuable feedback is crucial for the developers at Game Island as they refine the experience for Early Access.

Your life is at stake! The toxic fog obscures the dangers in an apocalyptic world where every second counts. A relentless timer on your arm decides between life and death. Prove your courage, explore the mysterious environment for resources and brew serums for unique abilities. Every dose of serum can make the difference in the fight for survival against mutated enemies. Find shelter in the chaos, search for technology and modify weapons for greater effectiveness.

Here’s what you can expect from the Serum playtest:

  • Uncover the Mysteries: Serum throws you into an enigmatic world where you’ll need to unravel its secrets.
  • Survival is Key: Gather resources, craft tools, and build shelter to stay alive in this unforgiving environment.
  • Face the Unknown: Monstrous threats prowl the shadows, waiting to prey on the unwary.
  • Shape the Future: Your experience and feedback will directly influence the development of Serum before Early Access.

Those eager to take part in the playtest can apply for access directly through the game’s official Steam page. This page also serves as a hub for the latest news and updates, offering glimpses into the world, crafting mechanics, and the horrors that await within the game. After diving into the playtest, players are encouraged to share their constructive feedback with the developers via the dedicated Discord channel.

Serum is set for launch on Steam early access at the end of Q2 and this playtest provides an excellent chance to get a taste of the frights and challenges that await. So, sharpen your survival instincts and prepare to delve into the shadows of Serum’s world.


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