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Snatch Gangsters Roll into World of Tanks PC and Blitz

I would have to say that Guy Ritchie’s Snatch (2000) is in my top 10 movies of all time. It came out of nowhere for me and it had my in stitches watching it for the first time. I have watched it a bunch of times over the years and its definitely time for a re-watch. Last week saw the explosive world of Snatch collide with the steel behemoths of World of Tanks. Wargaming’s latest collaboration sees five iconic characters from the cult classic joining the battlefield, ready to roll in customised tanks and stir up some serious mayhem in both World of Tanks PC and World of Tanks Blitz.

World of Tanks players can team up with the likes of the enigmatic Tommy, the fiery Turkish, the volatile Boris the Blade, the unlucky-in-love Brick Top, and the diamond-obsessed Bullet-Tooth Tony, each commanding their own custom tank. These notorious commanders bring unique skills and voice lines to the battlefield, adding a touch of Snatch’s dark humour to every rumble.

But the loot ain’t just about the dashing lads! The ultimate prize is the Nomad, a one-of-a-kind tank inspired by the movie’s infamous getaway vehicle, bristling with firepower and sporting a paint job fit for a kingpin. To snatch this beauty, players can tackle the BATTLE PASS SPECIAL: SNATCH THE DIAMOND, a series of challenges inspired by the film’s plot. On top of that and until February 15, Prime Gaming members can claim a special package featuring “That Dog” (pronounced Dag) as a crew skin, thematic decals, a special medal, and much more.

For those who prefer their tanking on the go, World of Tanks Blitz is also getting its own slice of Snatch action with the Operation Snatch Battle Pass. From custom skins for the Charioteer tank to character avatars and thematic decals, there’s plenty of loot to be had for Blitz Commanders. All this loaded up with a special item “Brand-New Caravan” inspired by the film, which players can find waiting in the garage.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Snatch fan or just looking for a fresh dose of tank-to-tank mayhem, this collaboration is guaranteed to bring the heat. Just remember, in the world of Snatch and World of Tanks, the only rule is there are no rules. So, buckle up, tankers, and get ready for a chaotic ride – just watch out for the pigs! For more information, head over to the World of Tanks website or World of Tanks Blitz website.


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