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Space Gears Cinematic Trailer & Playtest Dates

Space Gears is a sci-fi, strategy game set on Mars and is in development by Pentapeak Studios, a subsidiary of 2bytes Corporation. Last week during a media showcase held at 2bytes Corporation HQ, a cinematic trailer was revealed showcasing the game’s systems, including land terraforming, base-building, and mech-assembly, as well as its combat system, featuring intense mech-on-mech, squad-based battles. It was also revealed that players can register on Steam for a playtest to be held in early June.

As one of the pioneers in the Mars-rush, your mission is to collect resources and terraform Mars. However, competition is fierce among the pioneering factions, and you will need to manage your base of operations effectively and utilize your “Space Gears” units wisely in order to beat out your competition. “Space Gears” are mechs that can not only fight but also replace various labor tasks. There are many mech manufacturers, each offering various mechs with their unique characteristics. You can assemble your own mechs using their designs.

2bytes Corporation HQ, CEO Ham Young-chul shared his vision for Space Gears stating, “Space Gears is an original sci-fi strategy game that’s both easy and fun to play. We want it to resonate with fans of the RTS genre seeking new and fresh gameplay. Space Gears’ RTS-style combat controls, focus on strategy, and back-to-back, action-packed battles make for a potent mix. The game combines the best of both the RTS and MOBA genres and has the potential to become a trendsetter in the industry.”

Often in complex RTS games, I struggle with managing resources and knowing what to build and when, so will spend time researching the perfect build orders. Space Gears takes the micromanaging out and allows you to prepare your resources and troops before the battle, so that when you’re deployed on the Martian surface, you can focus on commanding your troops and optimal strategy to win. It reminds me then of playing 1997’s Total Annihilation – what a great game that was.

Players can request to join the upcoming Space Gears playtest via the Steam page and the playtest is scheduled for June 2 – June 5. For more information, head over to the Steam page and also the game’s official website. You can see some more pre-alpha gameplay here or the video below.


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