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Star Wars: Galaxies Restoration Launches 1.0

I absolutely loved playing Star Wars: Galaxies back when it released in 2003. It was the first Star Wars MMORPG and it released before the behemoth that was World of Warcraft which changed the landscape for MMORPG’s completely. Unfortunately, SWG was shut down in 2011 to make way for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which was bittersweet to see it go, though SWTOR is a fantastic game in its own right. In the years since then, several groups of dedicated fans have made emulation servers for SWG to resurrect those amazing times. One such emulation is Star Wars: Galaxies Restoration, and later this week they will be releasing version 1.0 to fans.

The staff behind Restoration are a team of volunteers who are all Star Wars fans that enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies. They have the abundant knowledge and passion to present a version of what could have been—if development on the original game had not ceased in 2011. Building off its prior iterations in Restoration I & II, Restoration is the culmination of past efforts and represents our final vision of a fun and rewarding Star Wars MMORPG that we all deserve. SWG Restoration is a Star Wars Galaxies server featuring the multi-profession system and combat style of the Combat Upgrade combined with all NGE content and expansions, all combined with regularly published new and exciting content additions and quality of life improvements.

The base Star Wars: Galaxies game originally launched with ten planets that we could experience: Tatooine, Naboo, Corellia, Talus, Rori, Dantooine, Lok, Yavin IV, Endor and Dathomir. I remember logging in the first time on Tatooine and Naboo and running around trying to find iconic locations from the movies. Sure enough, when you enter the Mos Eisley Cantina, the familiar music is playing, and I felt like I was in the movies. The stunning waterfalls and cityscapes of Naboo were also very cool. With emulators like Restoration, we can go back and experience the game almost exactly how it was back then. For those that never played it and you are a Star Wars fan who loves MMORPGs, it is well worth experiencing for yourself.

Following an early access period beginning on May 28, 2021, Restoration excitedly announces its entrance into 1.0 status on September 17, 2022. Publish 1.0 introduces the galaxy to Mustafar with more than 30 new quest lines and experiences, awakens the force with our secret and individualized Jedi unlock system, creates community with server-wide progression, and adds hundreds of balances, bug fixes, and quality of life upgrades. With over 24,000 registered accounts eagerly awaiting launch, the Restoration team looks forward to seeing Star Wars fans from every corner of the world experience Galaxies once again.

Looking Forward to Future Content

With a strong foundation in place and the team doubling again in size, the Star Wars: Galaxies Restoration team have announced their in-depth Project Roadmap is on track for what fans can expect in 2022 and beyond.

Publish 1.0 welcomes the adventure planet Mustafar and Restoration’s secretive Jedi unlock system. Also included are massive quality of life improvements, player pushed server content progression, and bug fixes to bring Star Wars Galaxies into 2022. Through analysis of economic data, the team will make changes to stabilize the game economy, building upon the scalable infrastructure that keeps the Restoration community active, safe, and fun.

Publish 1.1 aims to energize and foster the community that develops following the introduction of Jedi and Mustafar with repeatable mini-events, profession improvements, new player experiences, and new playable species.

Publish 2.0 will revamp PvP and Galactic Civil War systems, along with enhancements of community driven mechanics like bounty hunting and guilds.

Publish 2.1 will enhance elements of the Galactic Civil War, upgrade player cities with additional options and improvements, and lets citizens leverage a regional government system. This will allow select players to take control of an entire planet’s operations, assuming control over different in-game systems. 

Publish 3.0 will add both custom content and the finishing touches to the project.

For more information on Star Wars Galaxies: Restoration and to play for yourself, head on over to the official site and May The Force Be With You.


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