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The Jungle Book meets the Armageddon in The Cub

Late last month, the Future Games Show Spring 2022 featured a number of game announcements, however there was one that really stood out to me both by it’s visuals as well as the music playing over the trailer. Untold Tales announced the next game from Demagog Studio, the same team who made the brilliant Golf Club: Wasteland. Utilising the same neon lit apocalyptic world, The Cub will be played from a different angle in terms of gameplay and story.

Inspired by old-school tough platformer SEGA classics such as The Jungle Book, Aladdin and The Lion King, The Cub will see you platform parkour through the remains of humanity and a world of urban ruin peppered with references as to how humanity might one day perish. If you haven’t played Golf Club: Wasteland before, you should really check it out. While the golf gameplay may not be for some, it’s easy to pick up (and can be frustrating at times), but the game is well worth playing through for the story alone.

Earth is a Wasteland and humanity, at least those that could afford it, have fled to Mars. Life on Mars is tough, and we learn this through listening to “Radio Nostalgia from Mars”, a radio station where people are interviewed giving candid and sometimes emotional stories about their previous life on Earth and now life on Mars.

The music tracks were amazing, and you were rewarded for finishing the game with being able to download the mp3s of the songs. We are given a taste of more amazing music with the backing track on the trailer titled, No Son of Mine, which you can listen to here.

I love the vibe this song, and the rest of Radio Nostalgia gives and it helped set the mood of Golf Club: Wasteland so well. I imagine it’s going to do more of the same in The Cub. This new game’s premise is around those left behind on Earth.

“A new ecosystem feeding off the chemical waste left behind evolves without humans. But a few mutant children who have developed immunity and the skills to survive here still roam. You are one such child. Years pass and those on Mars venture back to Earth. After spotting a small mutant child, a hunt ensues. This sets off a journey of escape, exploration, and discovery through the urban ruins of humanity coupled with frantic cat and mouse chases.”

The game is set in the same world as Golf Club: Wasteland, but this isn’t a copy-paste sequel. We’re going back to the world we created using it to tell new stories from the perspective of a survivor on Earth. We’ve also written it in such a way that the story in The Cub intersects with the one in Golf Club: Wasteland and then continues on for those who wanted to know the fate of the golfer and the child.” – Igor Simic, Creative Director, Demagog Studio.

I can’t wait to see more about The Cub. I’m definitely going back to do another play through of Golf Club: Wasteland in preparation, and to tune out to the vibes of the soundtrack once again.

The Cub is coming to PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, though there is no set release date just yet. We will keep you up to date as news comes in.


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