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Welcome to Roundtable Co-Op

Roundtable Co-Op is a group of like-minded gamers first and foremost who are keen to talk all things gaming. With gaming comes interest in movies, TV shows and pop culture so we want to share our thoughts and opinions about these wonderful forms of entertainment in a friendly and welcoming manner. Starting with gaming news and review articles, we will look to expand into other mediums as we evolve.

The idea of the name, Roundtable Co-Op, represents round table discussions where everyone has equal input into the conversation. It’s a bit like King Arthur and his knight’s of the round table. The same goes for the co-op part where we play games together, watch tv shows and movies together, and just have a lot of fun together.

We’re a cohesive group that looks to bring open and honest discussion to the table and ensure everyone involved has a great time, including you. So come on in, take a seat, get comfortable and join the community.


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