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Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo DLC Review – A Visual Trip

Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo is the second DLC for 2023’s Atomic Heart by Mundfish and Focus Entertainment, and released on February 6, 2024, on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. If you have played the Villains DLC for FarCry 6 of the Haus DLC for Dead Island 2, you’ll be on the right track to enjoy this one. This DLC burrows deep into the psyche of the main character Major P-3 and takes you back to the strange and colourful world of Limbo to uncover new mysteries as you attempt to find your way out.

The story carries on immediately after the ending of the base game, so if you haven’t finished that yet then you are warned of some spoilers. This does however offer a different ending to the one found in the first Annihilation Instinct DLC, making it worthwhile jumping back in for. There are new sections of the twisted Limbo world to explore in this warped playground of impossible architecture and mind-bending physics. It’s a real Alice in Wonderland style trip that was jarring and confusing at first, but once I leant into the theme and the huge platforming monstrosities, I enjoyed it more as time went on.

Gameplay takes a unique turn in Limbo. While still retaining the core gunplay of “Atomic Heart,” the expansion throws in new mechanics like platforming challenges and puzzles that require applying the warped logic of this world. Collecting apples, a clear nod to classic platformers, unlocks skills and weapons, further emphasizing the shift in focus. The surreal imagery of the platforms, houses and lands off in the far distance paints a canvas of P-3’s inner turmoil, and the constant visual changes around you keeps you guessing as to what it coming up next.

The north star of Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo is the story as it delves deeper into P-3’s psyche, revealing his motivations, regrets, and anxieties. It unravels through environmental storytelling as you jump from platform to platform, and cryptic messages that allows you to piece together the bigger picture. While not offering a definitive answer to P-3’s fate, the journey through Limbo provides a fascinating glimpse into the man behind the mask. These fragmented memories add depth to the character and provide intriguing hints about the larger world of Atomic Heart.

Overall, Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo isn’t an overly lengthy play through, but it delivers a satisfying continuation of the story for fans of the base game. The innovative gameplay mechanics within the Limbo world can be jarring at first and may not appeal to everyone, but it is a worthwhile addition for those invested in the world of Atomic Heart. If you enjoyed the base game’s world and the main character, then this is worth checking out.

This review utilised a key provided by Focus Entertainment and Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo is available to play on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.


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