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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake breathes new life into a critically acclaimed adventure game, developed by Avantgarden SRL and published by 505 Games. This remake launched on February 28, 2024, on PC and consoles, over 10 years since the 2013 original (by Starbreeze Studios). It offers a heartfelt story about two brothers on a perilous quest. I didn’t play the original at release and it wasn’t until my brother-in-law Justin recommend it around 2018 that I played and loved the game. To be able to play it again with an Unreal Engine 5 overhaul was an unexpected highlight, and the emotional beats still hit hard even all these years later, compounded by the awesome orchestral music.

If you’ve never played or heard of the game before, it’s a must-play in my opinion. With their father suffering from a deadly illness, two brothers must bravely set out to find the “Water of Life,” the one cure that can save him. With no option for failure, the two must rely on each other using the strength of big brother and the agility of the little brother to protect one another and overcome the obstacles ahead in this unforgettable journey. You will solve puzzles, discover hidden stories, traverse dangerous locations, and fight deadly bosses. I won’t delve into any story elements as the game is best when you discover it for the first time, and all those emotional moments hit hard.

You can play the game solo, controlling both brothers simultaneously, and in two player co-op. You navigate the brothers through puzzles and challenges that require cooperation and utilising their individual strengths. This mechanic and interactions with other npcs, such as whether you pass a basketball amongst a group, or have it thrown ruthlessly down a well, beautifully reflects the bond between the brothers and their reliance on each other, conveying powerful emotions at times.

The remake contains stunning visuals with updated environments, high-quality rendering, completely remade landscapes as well as volumetric fog and lighting. The world feels more immersive and alive, drawing players deeper into the brothers’ journey and new secrets have been added with additional lore to discover. Characters have been remodeled based on the original concept art and include a wide array of expressions, high-res textures and completely new animations. Additionally, a newly recorded orchestral soundtrack elevates the emotional impact of the story.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is a fun yet emotional journey of adventure and discovery and is a must-buy for puzzle game enthusiasts. While the core gameplay and story remain untouched, the remake polishes the experience with smoother controls, improved visual performance, new secrets, and a newly recorded soundtrack. This allows both newcomers and returning players to fully appreciate the game’s depth and engaging puzzles. Whether you’re seeking a captivating story or a unique gameplay twist, this remake is sure to leave a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

This review utilised a Steam key provided by Diva Agency and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is available now on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Xbox and PlayStation.


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