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Dream Of The Star Haven

Dream Of The Star Haven Early Access Preview

South Australian studio Orchid of Redemption are back with their next game Dream Of The Star Haven. This first-person 3D platformer has players journeying through a magical and gravity-defying landscape in search of stars.

Dream Of The Star Haven First Impressions

On first loading into Dream Of The Star Haven, I was loaded into a hub world. Stages are unlocked after the successful completion of the preceding level. Thin blue lines guided me to the next level.

Entering levels reveals a mysterious grouping of islands in the sky. The main goal is to collect three hidden stars and get to the flagpole, but there are other objectives to find starbursts.

I was able to move between them using a triple jump. This allowed me to cover great distances. With such open areas, falling off the islands is a risk.

Dream Of The Star Haven

Find All The Things

This is where the game’s difficultly setting comes into play. If I died on normal difficulty, I lost all the collectibles I’d found. Changing it to easy made it less punishing as collectibles remain on death.

One of the collectibles I found are the gems. These powered my scanner, which in turn can be used to find stars, other gems, and to highlight enemies or points of interest.

Only one environment is available in Dream Of The Star Haven. Combined with the laid back, chill music, I found it to be a relaxing time to traverse the levels.

A Challenge Awaits

There are four main-line levels plus a challenge and an additional level that I’ve been able to find. They start off with simple platforming before introducing gravity puzzles where the ‘down’ can be altered by a full quarter turn.

Star Haven Bombs

Offensively, Dream Of The Star Haven provides three attack types: a sword, bombs and throwing stars. All three had to be collected in each level for me to use them. In the case of bombs, they also use energy from collecting gems.

One level used the throwing starts to destroy orbs, which was required to collect a starburst. Doing so afflicted me with negative statuses, such as a poison effect or fall damage (a real risk with a triple jump).

Dream Of The Star Haven

Overall, Dream Of A Star Haven is a little bare bones, which is not unheard of in early access titles, but the framework is there and is enjoyable. For the price it’s a bargain. Some things aren’t so obvious and encourages exploration and experimentation. Not so fun if you’re playing in normal mode but switching to easy makes things more palatable.

Dream Of A Star Haven releases on January 25th to Steam Early Access for free.


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