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Exoprimal Review – A Unique and Exciting Shooter

Exoprimal is a highly engaging online third-person hero shooter by Capcom that brings a fresh and unique gameplay experience to the table. Players are immersed in intense battles against seemingly endless hordes of dinosaurs, each with their own distinct colours and types, creating a visually stunning and diverse environment. It’s astonishing to see the level of polish and attention to detail in the game, considering it is a new and unconventional IP from Capcom. The gameplay feels refined, and the graphics are visually impressive, adding to the overall immersive experience.

It’s the year 2040 where a sudden dinosaur outbreak has engulfed the globe in a crisis that threatens humanity’s very existence. The corporation Aibius has developed a hyper-advanced AI called Leviathan that can predict the location of future outbreaks. This technology, along with Aibius’s revolutionary powered exosuits gives humanity a fighting chance to stem the tide of the saurian swarms. Exofighters are in high demand and after taking the aptitude test, players join the ranks of Aibius’s heroic pilots in their fight to stave off the extinction of the human race.

With an impressive line-up of ten different Exosuits, each equipped with unique abilities and properties, Exoprimal gives players a wide range of strategic options, akin to the diverse hero selection in Overwatch or the iconic characters in Team Fortress 2. From the versatile Deadeye soldier type to the heavy-hitting Krieger armed with a powerful machine gun, or the nimble support role of the Witchdoctor healer, players can find a suit that perfectly suits their preferred play style. The game’s main mode, Dino Survival, sets two teams of five players against each other, offering thrilling multiplayer action.

Initially, the focus is on the player versus environment (PvE) aspect, where you and your crew take on the relentless onslaught of dinosaurs, reminiscent of the excitement found in the classic game Dino Crisis and the epic battles of Pacific Rim. The gameplay mechanics are finely crafted with snappy, responsive and agile character movements, allow you to create exciting opportunities for synergistic plays and tactical strategies. Dino Survival isn’t solely focused on PvE encounters. In certain missions, the player-controlled squads face off against each other in PvP encounters, though some missions may allow cooperative fights against particularly challenging enemies.

While the PvP aspect is enjoyable, it faces challenges with balancing, as the advantages gained during PvE can heavily influence the final PvP battle, potentially causing uneven matches. Class balancing in PvP seems to be a work in progress, as certain suits like the defensive Roadblock excel against smaller velociraptors but struggle to make an impact in PvP scenarios. Thankfully, we can switch suits on-the-fly which offers versatility and the opportunity to adapt to different situations, although it may require some adjustment and mastery.

Outside of the thrilling Dino Survival mode, Exoprimal provides opportunities for customisation and progression. Players can personalise their Exosuits with cosmetic modifications or acquire new equipment to enhance their gameplay. The inclusion of a battle pass system and an in-game currency called BikCoin adds depth to the progression system, offering rewards and incentives for players to keep exploring and evolving their Exosuits.

Although lacking traditional story missions, Exoprimal incorporates a narrative experience through well-crafted cutscenes that unfold after completing a certain number of multiplayer matches. These cutscenes shed light on the captivating story of characters like Ace, the enigmatic AI Leviathan, the confident Exosuit pilot Magnum, and the intriguing backdrop of the dinosaur-infested world. While the storytelling method may feel unconventional and somewhat disjointed, the quality of the cutscenes is surprisingly impressive, successfully capturing the beloved B-movie charm reminiscent of Capcom’s renowned Dino Crisis franchise.

Exoprimal stands out as an incredibly peculiar and distinctive shooter, combining familiar elements from various games to create a cohesive and thoroughly enjoyable package. Its blend of PvE and PvP gameplay, while initially confusing, offers a unique and exciting experience that sets it apart from other multiplayer shooters in the market. The decision to charge a full price for a new and unconventional IP may raise eyebrows, but the availability of Exoprimal on Game Pass is a strategic move that could significantly contribute to expanding its player base and attracting more attention.

Overall, Exoprimal is an absolute delight to play, and despite the initial learning curve, the game proves to be incredibly immersive and deserving of a chance. With its polished gameplay mechanics, captivating visuals, and engaging customisation options, Exoprimal offers an experience that can be enjoyed for hours on end. More content is on the way too when on August 17, Exoprimal will receive its first major update as Season 1 advances, unveiling 10 Alpha variant Exosuits. You can read about the post-launch roadmap here.

This review utilised a PlayStation key provided by the publisher and Exoprimal is out now on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.


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