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From Space Review – Top-Down Action Shooter

Aliens, ALIENS EVERYWHERE … PINK ALIENS EVEN!!! From Space is a new action-shooter developed by Triangle Studios and published by Curve Games that released on November 4, 2022 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. This game is a top-down shooter that offers you a solo and coop gameplay experience. Usual story deal. You take on the aliens that have attacked the planet and decimated the world’s population and military might. A group of specialists are teamed up to fight back the alien menace with a very cool ‘80s vibe to it.

Each specialist has different abilities and weapons that you can use against the aliens. Flame Trooper and Goalkeeper are defensive specialists that have a lot of health and cool weapons such as flame throwers and miniguns to hold the line. Offensive specialists like Lab Assistant and Shadow Sniper focus solely on bringing the DPS pain down on the aliens. Finally, you have your support characters, the Electrician and Combat Engineer (my favorite), who use their perks and equipment to boost the team or control the battlefield with items like electric wire to block a pathway for the aliens to get to you.

One thing I love about games is the ability to level up your character. As you play, you gain XP which will in turn unlock skills and weapons for your specialist. You can also swap between specialists during missions if you find that a different approach is required to complete the level. I like the modelling of the characters and environment in this game. Very smooth to move around the map and just plain fun with these big-headed characters. The game flows as you progress through the map completing the various missions.

The game design of From Space doesn’t give you a great deal of “go here” and “blow up this” markers for example. You are generally free to roam around to solve puzzles like figuring out how to open specific doors by destroying a power box. I remember during the first mission I walked up to this big alien looking crystal thing, clicked the button then got owned by a falling pod. So, keep your head on a swivel and “WATCH THOSE CORNERS!” Games that spoon feed you where to go and what to do take the essence out games. Why play it if it doesn’t challenge you in a minor or major way. From Space gives you the freedom to roam around and find new places that could have that item you need to finish off the level and a whole bunch of different aliens to take on.

There are two ways to play – solo and co-op. Solo play has been an interesting bit of fun and I haven’t felt too bored working through the missions. At times you can be joined by AI characters to help you in a certain aspect of a mission which is a good aspect of the game. I did find at times the AI characters to be a bit average and not react when you are getting swarmed by the aliens. Hopefully it gets a bit more attention with updates over time from the devs. In saying that though, I feel that From Space is the type of game that is made for the co-op experience with your mates. The gameplay variation, through having different specialists on the field at one time, creates some fun gameplay and good laughs which is always a thumbs up in my book.

Overall, From Space isn’t groundbreaking or the next level of its gaming genre. It’s just good old point and shoot fun … more so with friends. I like the fact the devs haven’t tried to change the wheel so to speak on this game. Triangle studios have taken this game genre and given something that will keep you entertained shooting up the aliens and saving the world on a relaxing afternoon.

This review utilised a Steam key provided by the publisher and From Space is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.


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