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Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC Review

Hellpoint: Blue Sun is the first DLC to the original Hellpoint, an intense action RPG developed by Cradle Games in 2020 and published by tinyBuild. While Hellpoint released on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation, Blue Sun’s arrival also launched the game on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles. The base game and it’s DLC are set on Irid Novo, a derelict space station soaked in an intoxicating dark sci fi atmosphere. It’s the atmosphere of the game that stands out the most for me. That eerie sense of cautiously moving forward through a new area, not knowing what was waiting around the corner or on the ledge below.

The new Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC, released just before the game’s second anniversary, reveals the complete story of Irid Novo. Players will have had to played enough of the original Hellpoint to have data gathered in the statistics screen at 50% before Asmodeus will appear on the Observatory platform. After agreeing with Asmodeus’ proposal, he hands us a key which is called Blue Puncture. Interacting with the nearby Breach, there is a new option to enter Blue Sun. This transports us to a parallel version of Irid Novo, only this time it has a blueish tinge to the environment as we try to learn the truth behind the cataclysm known as the Merge.

Initially two new areas are available for you to travel to by visiting previous locations. Gehenna Prison can be accessed from Port Issoudun in the area where you take the tram to Sohn District. You will see a new tram in an area with blue cracks on the floor. The second new area I came across was Dominion Baths which was accessed from the Arisen Dominion area, again looking for the blue cracks. A third area, The Core, is accessed only once you have completed Dominion Baths.

I had a great time during exploring Gehenna Prison, more for the fact we get to see some new monster types such as the armoured scorpion spiders and eyeball demons with lunging tongue attacks and an energy beam from its eye to watch out for. You also eventually come across an NPC that gives you Hardship Contracts. These are great if you’re low on Axions as each enemy you kill gets tougher and drops more Axions. This is a good opportunity to work on upgrading items or levelling up your stats. The prison also gave some good insight into the Thespians and the level design was excellent.

Next was the Dominion Baths that had some great detail in the environment art and design, but don’t stop to admire the pools too long as worms will jump out of the water and attack with a lunging headbutt and spit projectiles that pack a punch. There are also ghosts to contend with in the halls, as well as turrets. Turrets can be switched to friendly if you’re quick enough to get behind them and be aware of Black Ops Soldiers in the lower caves. Bounty contracts can be found towards the end of this zone which causes Blue Sun Invaders to spawn randomly with four different types to contend with – Archon, Hero, Hunt or Son and each drops a type of soul which can be handed in for armour sets.

Looting a gold loot cube containing Core Credentials near the end of the zone gives us access to the final area in the Hellpoint: Blue Sun DLC, The Core. There are four different entrances to the Core – one each in the Embassy, Port Issoudun, Arcology Underside and Arisen Dominion. The overall aesthetic of The Core very much felt like the corridors and areas within the station from the main game which kind of felt like the loop of the journey was coming full circle. All three zone’s final bosses were bloody tough and took me many attempts to learn their mechanics. Much like in the first game, persistence and patience pays off, and death is always a learning experience.

Overall, Hellpoint: Blue Sun was a welcome return to the original game, made all the better with a year’s worth of bug fixes and improvements. It was also refreshing to see new enemy types and to loot new weapons, with a good mix of ranged and 2H weapons to collect. Your enjoyment of this DLC will depending on whether you enjoyed the first game or not, and if you have played enough of Hellpoint to be able to this new DLC.

This review utilised a Steam key provided by the publisher and Hellpoint: Blue Sun is available now on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation.


Written by: @ChrisJInglis

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