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Magic: The Gathering – Murders at Karlov Manor Set

The first new Magic: The Gathering set of 2024 launched last week in the form of Murders at Karlov Manor for both tabletop and Magic: The Gathering Arena. This new set invites players to become detective sleuths, unravelling a thrilling whodunnit adventure all wrapped up in the collectible card game we know and love. Thanks very much to Wizard of the Coast for sending out a media kit that contains a bundle, prerelease pack, a Revenant Recon commander deck as well as collector boosters and a new type of booster called play boosters.

Combining the playability of draft boosters with the fun pack-opening experience of set boosters, play boosters offer a rewarding blend of gameplay and collectability with the opportunity to pull additional rares and mythic card variants. The murder mystery theme permeates every aspect of this set, and the card art subtly hints at hidden agendas and suspicious motives, urging players to piece together the puzzle. You can further the immersion by indulging in story episodes available on the official site.

Murders at Karlov Manor brings a series of new mechanics to assist players with uncovering the mystery. For players desiring an incognito approach, disguise allows a card to be placed face down as a 2/2 colourless creature with ward. Disguised creatures can be turned face up at any time by paying the disguise cost, unique to each card. If a creature is labelled as suspected of a crime, it gains menace and can’t block.

A crucial skill for any detective, collect evidence involves exiling any number of cards from your graveyard with a combined total mana value equal to or greater than the specified number to activate a unique effect. Finally, Murders at Karlov Manor also introduces cases like the Case of the Filched Falcon that offer unique conditions for players to fulfil to “solve” them, earning additional effects, like enchantments in previous sets. In this example, to solve this case you will control three or more artifacts.

The set caters to various playstyles. Draft enthusiasts will enjoy the “whodunnit” aspect, piecing together clues and deducing the killer’s identity. Commander players will find new tools for thematic decks, while constructed formats see an influx of intriguing interactions and strategies. The unique theme, intriguing mechanics, and engaging narrative create a distinct and enjoyable Magic experience for those who enjoy a bit more problem-solving on top of their regular MTG strategies.

Magic: The Gathering – Murders at Karlov Manor is out now and is available to purchase in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, Prerelease Packs, Bundles, and Gift Bundles. For more information on Murders at Karlov Manor, visit the official website or jump into Magic: The Gathering Arena. Thanks again to the wonderful people at Wizards of the Coast for this media kit.


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