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Magic: The Gathering – Wilds of Eldraine Set Unboxed

The amazing folks over at Wizards of the Coast have sent through a media kit for their latest Magic: The Gathering set. Titled Wilds of Eldraine, it released on Magic: The Gathering Arena on September 5 and in tabletop version on September 8. I spent the weekend unboxing the media kit of a starter kit, collector’s bundle, commander deck, and booster packs, marvelling at the new card artwork and learning the set mechanics of bargain, adventures, celebrations and more.

The backstory to Wilds of Eldraine is rich in fantasy lore. As the curse of the Wicked Slumber seizes the people of Eldraine, tension escalates between the Kenrith Twins. Elsewhere, an ancient force from deep within the Wilds calls upon a young half-fae boy who has yet to understand what it means to be a hero. If you have the time, it is well worth grabbing your ipad or favourite reading device and browsing to the story pages for this new set. There are five episodes available starting with Episode 1: Pure of Heart which you can read here.

The artwork series cards found in this set does an amazing job at immersing you into the fantasy theme, as well as the borderless variants of playable cards. Celebration is a new ability word that highlights conditions if two or more nonland permanents entered the battlefield under your control during the turn. Adventure cards were the next new form of card, and these have their own personal adventure in the lower left corner of the cards. These adventures are either instant or sorcery with their own mana cost and rules.

The commander deck I was sent is the virtue and valor variant with Syr Ellivere of the Wild Court as the title card. This set contained a 100-card deck, deck box, foil-etched display commander, life wheel and a reference card. Opening more boosters and collector boosters showed me another new card type called bargain. Bargain allows you to sacrifice an artifact, enchantment, or token as an additional cost to cast a spell.

The Wilds of Eldraine set for both Magic: The Gathering Arena and tabletop is now available as Starter Kit, Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander decks and Bundles. Thanks very much to Wizards of the Coast for sending us this set to unbox and you can watch the unboxing video here or below.

For more information on Wilds of Eldraine, visit the official Magic website, and head to your local store or Amazon to purchase the set.


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