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NeoSprint Review – A Revival of 80’s Classic Arcade Racers

NeoSprint is a vibrant revival of the classic 80’s arcade racing experience by Headless Chicken Games and published by Atari and launched on June 27, 2024. It captures the essence of titles like the original Super Sprint, Super RC Pro-Am on the Game Boy, and Ivan Stewart’s Ironman Offorad Racing, infusing this game with modern graphics and smooth framerates.

The single-screen viewpoint stays true to the arcade experience, demanding sharp reflexes and precise control to navigate winding tracks and dominate straights. While seemingly simple, mastering hand brake drift mechanics and understanding ideal racing lines becomes paramount for shaving milliseconds off your lap times and climbing the leaderboards.

Unlike many modern racers that rely on power-ups and unpredictable elements to heighten the excitement, NeoSprint keeps things refreshingly focused. Here, success hinges solely on your skill behind the wheel. This design choice fosters a deep sense of satisfaction when you outmanoeuvre opponents through chicanes and finding those perfect race line executions.

The campaign mode throws you into a series of races against AI opponents, progressively ramping up the difficulty until you have a ‘boss’ race against a main character. There are only 4 races per segment and completing the first race campaign unlocks the next. While your race times are shown on the post-race leaderboard, campaign races are more focused on your finish position and earning points across the championships.

You can also complete single races to get some extra practice if you’re having any difficulties beating the AI. Feel like reliving the chaotic fun of arcade racing with friends in local multiplayer mode? Up to 8 players can battle it out on the same screen, bringing back the nostalgic thrill of jockeying for position and unleashing elbows to the ribs to gain an edge. Then hone your skills and chase ghost times in Time Trials mode or add a layer of challenge by navigating obstacle courses filled with oil slicks and other hazards.

If you are the more creative type, as you complete races you will unlock new car variations as well as obstacles and track pieces to build your own custom tracks. You can also craft your own championship using community-made tracks or unleash your inner architect with the built-in track builder in the Grand Prix mode. You can design anything from high-speed loops to technically demanding courses filled with twists and turns. The intuitive tools make the creation process accessible, while the ability to share your creations with the community adds another layer of enjoyment.

Overall, NeoSprint is a love letter to classic arcade racing offering a pure, skill-based experience with multiple modes to change up the gameplay. The tight controls, strategic elements, fantastic local multiplayer, and vibrant track creator make it a gem for anyone who enjoys the thrill of outmanoeuvring opponents on the racetrack. Playing NeoSprint bought back some fond memories of playing some 80’s classics in DOS and is a fantastic choice for those seeking a high-octane, nostalgia-fuelled racing fix.

This review utilised a key provided by UberStrategist PR and NeoSprint is available now on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.


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