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Outbreak VR Review: Epic Zombie Action

Recently, myself, Str8JaktJim and a friend took the plunge into the ever-evolving realm of Virtual Reality. What we stumbled upon was nothing short of a thrilling rollercoaster, sparking excitement across Zero Latency’s 80+global locations. Let me paint the picture: “Outbreak,” the warped creation of Aussie free roam VR masters Zero Latency, had us grinning from ear to ear as we embarked on this unforgettable adventure at their Perth venue.

Now, within the heart of Outbreak’s immersive landscape, we found ourselves thrown into a high-stakes rescue mission inside a super-secret research facility. Nestled within its fortified walls, the last hope for a cure to a global zombie apocalypse. But, as luck would have it, a crafty villain was scheming to swipe humanity’s lifeline. No pressure, right?

As chaos erupted within the lab, the weight of the future rested squarely on our shoulders. Enter the mission: gather the squad, gear up, and confront relentless mercenaries and hordes of zombies. Armed with VR headsets and rifles, our team of four players geared up for the impending 30-minute thrill ride. After a short yet heart-pounding five-minute briefing, the anticipation was palpable, and I was itching to dive headfirst into the action.

The tranquillity of the initial abandoned hospital halls swiftly gave way to sheer pandemonium as zombies closed in from every angle. It felt like being thrust into the midst of a high-stakes horror movie, navigating through elevators, across rooftops, through sewers, and even experiencing a frantic helicopter ride. Outbreak is essentially the VR incarnation of Left 4 Dead, and I cannot stress enough, the pulse-pounding intensity is every bit as real.

This is no ordinary VR shooter, mind you. The fear is tangible, the enemies unrelenting, and the action takes no prisoners. The absence of annoying cables tying you down adds to the immersion across ten intense environments. The visuals are mind-blowing, to the point where, at times, I forgot I was standing in a room with people watching me react to virtual zombie threats.

As the campaign hurtled towards its climax, a monumental boss fight awaited. Imagine all of us together, wielding power weapons, surrounded by a vast space. It was nothing short of an epic showdown. Tim Ruse, the head honcho at Zero Latency, hit the nail on the head: “Outbreak is our most epic adventure yet.” And having traversed its thrilling landscape, I couldn’t agree more. These folks have concocted a perfect blend of terror and excitement. I walked away from the game feeling like my socks had been blown to kingdom come.

After we were done with saving the facitlity and securing the cure in Outbreak, we were ushered back into the briefing room for our next adventure which was Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity. Vaas is back and he’s as psychotic as ever in this spin off of Far Cry 3. Unlike Outbreak where we were all on one team “fighting for survival”, Far Cry VR is another 30 minute long experience and this time Vaas and his henchmen echoing the insanity of Far Cry 3, are up to their usual psychopathic antics. They’ve captured you and your friends for their sadistic amusement. In this virtual reality scenario, your squad must confront successive waves of enemies. True to Zero Latency’s distinctive style, you’ll find yourself moving much more than in the conventional VR experience.

For those daring enough to take on the challenge, Outbreak stands ready and waiting at all Zero Latency locations. Also, the personalised video capturing our Outbreak escapade at the end! Pure comedy gold. Ready to face the outbreak head-on? Check out their official website for all the details. Brace yourself for a gaming experience that doesn’t just blow your socks off but will probably leave you grinning like a maniac. It’s a wild ride you won’t want to miss!

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