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Penny’s Big Breakaway Review

At the beginning of February I had the privilege of playing a preview build of Penny’s Big Breakaway. The unique movement mechanics that Penny’s yo-yo provided were different and interesting. Penny’s Big Breakaway has now been released.

Penny’s Big Breakaway Smashes Through

Penny’s Big Breakaway starts with the titular Penny auditioning for the Gala, an annual show put on by Emperor Eddie. On the way she find Yo-Yo and the two put on an unforgettable show! Mainly because Yo-Yo eats the Emperor’s clothes. Cue shenanigans.

Penny runs from Eddie’s Penguin police and the game is afoot. Traversing through the world of Macaroon, Penny meets many interesting characters and the story of Eddie and Yo-Yo unfolds.

Platforming in Penny's Big Breakaway

Gotta Go Fast

Displaying the prowess that made Sonic Mania a success, creative director Christian Whitehead wants players to go fast. With a technically fluid moveset, Penny can do just that. It takes some experimentation to learn how to string together combos, but doing so feels impressive and amazing.

Levels are designed to be revisited. As the levels progress in difficulty, players will learn how to string abilities together. Having trouble with certain tricks or finding all the collectibles? Leave them alone for now and come back to them. With the tricks gamers will be pulling off in later levels, those earlier, trickier parts will be a breeze.

Chaining combos increases Penny’s score. Reaching a level’s par score unlocks cool artwork. Finding the collectibles in a stage unlocks bonus challenge for those that want to take their game to the next level.

At the end of the stage

Penny’s Big Breakaway

Penny’s Big Breakaway is a smooth momentum-based platformer. For me it took a while for the movement to click but when it did I was impressed by the combos I could pull off. It’s a fun game deserving of gamer’s attention.


Penny’s Big Breakaway is out now for PC, Xbox, Playstation and Switch for AU$48.95.

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