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Pizza Possum PC Review – Charming, Fun and Addictive

Pizza Possum is a short and sweet arcade game developed by Cosy Computer and published by Raw Fury. It released on September 29 for us in ANZ and is a cute game where you play as a possum who must eat as much food as possible without getting caught. The goal is to avoid the guard dogs and get to the top of the village, eat a humungous pizza and claim the crown from Bella Chonki. It’s not as easy as it looks but is a lot of fun playing couch co-op.

Utilising an isometric perspective, we start with a small area that has pizzas, bread rolls, tomatoes, eggplants and a heap of other foods that we run around and collect. The possum must chew the food and at times you see it get quite bloated which slows your run speed down a bit. All the while you need to keep an eye on the guard dogs and their patrol path. If you are spotted, an exclamation mark starts to fill up. If left long enough, they will start chasing you and if they catch you, your run is over. There are fruit trees that you can hide in, and if you break line of sight then they can sometimes stop the chase.

Once you’ve eaten enough food, you will unlock a golden key. There are golden padlocks on metal grate doors and unlocking one will give you access to the next area of the village. Occasionally you will come across large food icons such as an ice cream cone, a wheel of cheese and others where these will provide a whole bunch of food for the possum to gobble up. Though lingering while trying to collect all the food can leave you open to being spotted by a guard dog. There are also checkpoint doors that you will want to activate so if you do get caught, you start your next run further into the village.

Getting to the top of the island village is the goal and if you manage to eat the pizza there, Bella Chonki will give you their crown and you will find yourself back at the starting area only this time you have a newer goal. Completing three full runs will get you a ‘tasty ending’, and so this is a short yet sweet game and a really fun one at that. Playing couch co-op with my daughter was a lot of fun, and with the charming aesthetic and simple premise, it’s a game that all ages will enjoy playing.

Overall Pizza Possum is a charming, fun and addictive game that can be played by all ages. With a simple premise, there’s enough challenge here to keep you on your toes and worth the less than AU$10 purchase price. The checkpoints allow you to continue progress if you’ve got limited play time and still feel like you’ve made progress. This is a great game for parents to play with their children.

This review utilised a Steam key provided by Sandbox Strategies and Pizza Possum is available now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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