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Project Tower Demo First Impressions – An Exciting Prospect

Project Tower is a third-person shooter mixing bullet hell combat with a unique morphing ability, and a demo is available on Steam. Developed by Yummy Games, this game has the feel of Maze Runner meets The Talos Principle where you have been imprisoned by the Hiks. You must fight, morph and solve puzzles and work your way to the top of their deadly tower for freedom.

The demo opens with you, a prisoner, thrust into the heart of the tower’s madness. From a third-person perspective, you’ll navigate a maze of corridors, picking up a weapon and facing simple monsters to start with such as worms and a spitting variety. Later you fight larger monsters that shoot projectiles at you, though they move relatively slow and are easy to dodge. The boss fights, while looking quite spectacular with the sheer volume and range of projectiles set to kill you, also seem on the easier side.

The introduction of a unique morphing mechanic was a great surprise to come across. You start by morphing into a worm which allows you to slither underneath a small gap in a wall and pass by pits full of the foul beasts. When you kill the first of the larger aliens, you can morph into it. This model allows you to jump further, shoot through larger doors and then take on more monsters at a time.

What really piqued my interest was seeing a laser puzzle that was like those found in The Talos Principle. Rather than having to find multiples of the laser devices to connect like in Talos, you can just morph into one of the laser devices, move to a better angle and shoot at the target yourself. This allows you to also manipulate moveable objects at will and negotiate blockages to be able to progress further. This is the part of the game I am most excited to see more of as the game develops over the early access period.

There are three levels to explore in this demo which gives the player a sample of the variety of level types awaiting in the full release. So far, Project Tower presents as a fast-paced, action-packed experience with a unique morphing mechanic that injects strategic depth into the bullet hell mayhem. The game’s Steam page says it is slated for a Q4 release and I am keen to watch the game develop further.

These demo impressions utilised a key provided by Yummy Games and the Project Tower demo is available to play on Steam ahead of the full release later this year.


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