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WWE 2K24 Review: Finishing The Story With A Bang

The WWE Franchise is in my blood. I have watched and lived it since is was a kid, so much so I was lucky enough to attend the Elimination Chamber earlier this year. When I heard WWE 2K24 was being released, I jumped at the chance to review it. Loading up WWE 2K24 I could immediately tell this was going to be a rollercoaster ride. Looking back at previous iterations of the WWE 2K series, you can see the developers kept their goal of simplicity at the core but not compromising on quality.

WWE 2K24 has built on the foundations of WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K23, The improvements are really noticeable – the controls feel tighter and more responsive, and the gameplay is much smoother and faster. I felt like I had more control executing strikes and grapples, and chaining combos into signature moves and finishers was a breeze.


MyRISE makes a return in WWE 2K24. Players have the opportunity to experience the journey of a WWE Superstar, from their beginnings at the WWE Performance Center to becoming a legendary figure in the WWE universe. The storylines are split into Undisputed and Unleashed, providing a lot of diversity to the mode. The character creator is more detailed than before, allowing for a wide range of customisation options.

Players have ample freedom to create their own Superstar within the game. MyRISE offers plenty of content for those looking to claim every title. Voice acting has improved, and character models are well-done, particularly during story sequences. The in-ring visuals have been refined and are very detailed, contributing to the overall experience. MyRISE represents a positive step forward with its content and the choices available during story sequences.

2K Showcase

2K Showcase is making a comeback, this time focusing on the Showcase of the Immortals. Players dive into a series of matches inspired by the greatest moments in Wrestlemania history, completing objectives as they go. The mode breaks up the action with documentary-style clips, adding depth to the experience. I personally found this mode quite enjoyable, especially the smooth transitions between the game sequences and live-action historical match footage. Having commentary by WWE Smackdown host Corey Graves adds an extra layer of authenticity.


Universe Mode in WWE 2K24 serves as the customisable sandbox experience, offering two sub-modes: Classic and Superstar Modes, along with a sizable roster. Classic Mode boasts incredibly detailed creative tools, allowing players to craft belts, wrestlers, arenas, and even move sets to their heart’s content. In Superstar Mode, I had a blast watching my own Superstar, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, navigate matches, cultivate rivalries—like the one with Gunther—and vie for the Intercontinental Championship.


MyGM mode adds a refreshing dimension to WWE 2K24. Players assume the role of the General Manager for one of the five WWE Brands: RAW, Smackdown, NXT, WCW or ECW, and take charge of the show for a 15-week period leading up to Wrestlemania, including pay-per-view events. Surprisingly, I found myself gravitating towards MyGM more than any other mode at one point. Managing superstars and a budget to orchestrate a successful show proved to be a fun and immersive experience. I relished the challenge of competing with General Managers from the opposing brands to ensure my show reigned supreme each week and gaining the praise of the WWE Commissioner, Triple H.


MyFaction lets you assemble and manage a squad of WWE Superstars by buying card packs with real world or in-game currency to create a four person faction. There are daily login rewards, boosts, and challenges, but honestly, they didn’t grab me. This mode feels like it’s all about grinding to strengthen your team, and you can speed things up by spending real cash. I did however like that they updated the multiplayer experience and added online QuickPlay. The revamped Faction Wars 2.0 caught my eye, particularly with the addition of real-world factions and the introduction of intense 4v4 matches. It injected a new level of excitement and authenticity into the mode, as competing against recognisable factions added an extra layer of immersion.

I found myself drawn to the themed card packs that were on offer. Each pack seemed meticulously curated, featuring a selection of Superstars, Legends, and exclusive items tailored to specific themes or events. Opening these packs felt like unwrapping a surprise gift, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the experience.


Play is your standard exhibition mode, where you choose superstars and match types and go hell for leather against one another to determine the win. My son and I spent hours creating dream matches together. The new matches like the Ambulance match and Special Referee match were among our favouirites, especially having Triple H as guest referee pull out his signature sledgehammer from under the ring. The addition of Super Finishers and a mini game for trading blows with your opponent really added to the immersion of the bouts.

Overall, WWE 2K24 is a fantastic experience for die hard wrestling fans and newcomers to the franchise and the series. The gameplay is absolutely mesmerising, the controls are simple and refined yet intuitive. Each button pressed is met with a satifying blow or grapple. The Jukebox hits playing on the menu screen is a welcome addition, as I found myself rocking to Chemical by Post Malone. The character designs are so realistic, however I found the character models for current Superstars seemed a lot closer than ones for WWE Legends like Hulk Hogan.

This review utilised a PS5 key provided by 2K. WWE 2K24 is available on Playstation, Xbox and PC on March 8 2024.


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