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AEW Fight Forever Enters the Ring on June 29

Get ready to step into the ring and unleash your inner wrestling superstar! AEW Fight Forever, the highly anticipated arcade wrestling game, is set to make its explosive debut on June 29, 2023, across multiple platforms including PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Brace yourself, because this game is about to revolutionize the world of professional wrestling gaming!

Developed by the legendary YUKE’s Co. Ltd in collaboration with THQ Nordic GmbH and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), AEW Fight Forever has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of arcade wrestling games while bringing a fresh and exciting experience to wrestling fans worldwide. This game is the brainchild of Kenny Omega, Executive Vice President of AEW, and a former AEW World Champion and World Tag Team Champion. With his vision and the expertise of a world-class team, AEW Fight Forever promises to be a game-changing masterpiece.

Prepare to be blown away by the incredible collaboration between AEW’s Executive Vice President and former AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega, and the talented development team at YUKE’s. Kenny himself shared, “When I first signed with AEW, Tony Khan gave me the opportunity to assemble the best gaming team that understands and respects professional wrestling, to make the best wrestling games ever.” AEW: Fight Forever has exceeded even his highest expectations.

Speaking of Tony Khan, the CEO, GM, and Head of Creative at AEW, he expressed his excitement for the game, saying, “AEW has proven through our exciting storylines and hard-hitting wrestling action that good things come to those who wait.” With AEW: Fight Forever, you’ll experience an authentic and nostalgic feel of wrestling games past, infused with AEW’s unmatched creativity.

Immerse yourself in the retro-inspired design of AEW: Fight Forever, featuring hand-crafted animations and an arcade feel that will take you back to the Golden Age of wrestling games. Finally, you’ll have the chance to execute those awe-inspiring wrestling moves you’ve seen on AEW programming, from jaw-dropping finishers to high-flying aerial assaults.

Take your wrestling skills to the online arena with innovative Tag-Team matches that will blow your mind. Coordinate flawless sequences of tandem offensive moves using simple commands, raising the bar for online co-op wrestling. And with a robust roster of the most popular AEW wrestlers, deep career mode, and extensive customization options for wrestlers, move-sets, entrances, teams, and arenas, the possibilities are limitless.

AEW Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever is not just a game—it’s a wrestling revolution. Engage in a variety of match types, including Singles Matches, Tag-Team Battles, 3-Way and 4-Way matches, intense Ladder Matches, the chaotic Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere brawls, and even heart-pounding, unsanctioned Lights-Out matches where weapons are fair game. Brace yourself for the explosive intensity of the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Matches, pushing the boundaries of extreme wrestling.

Whether you’re a solo warrior or prefer to dominate the ring with friends, AEW: Fight Forever offers thrilling online multiplayer battles that will test your skills against the best. Climb the leaderboards, prove your mettle, and show the world that you are the ultimate wrestling champion.

Mark your calendars for June 29, 2023, the day when AEW: Fight Forever revolutionizes the wrestling game genre on PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It’s time to enter the squared circle and unleash your wrestling prowess like never before. Get ready to create unforgettable moments, electrify the crowd, and cement your legacy in the annals of wrestling history.


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