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Boundary Beta Playable in Steam Next Fest

Skystone Games and developer Studio Surgical Scalpels have announced that a beta test for Boundary, a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, will be available during the upcoming Steam Next Fest starting next week. Players will be able to participate in Boundary’s unique zero-G firefights in fierce team vs team shooter action from February 6-13, 2023 and you can sign up through the website. The game is also set to release sometime this year on Steam.

Powered by an EMU suit, players navigate a harsh space atmosphere in orbiting installations where the goal is to engage enemy combatants in a 3-dimensional battlefield. Threats come from all angles and Boundary makes astronaut combat more akin to dogfighting where angle of attack and position can make the difference between life and death.

Heavily inspired by real life industrial technology and space exploration, Boundary features a varied selection of multiplayer maps including a wreck strewn debris field, Solar Farm and so on. These maps provide Astroperators with a range of diverse and challenging combat environments.

The Boundary Demo Playtest Features include:

  • Weapon customisation system that allows players to upgrade and modify weapons to best suit their playstyle with stocks, grips, scopes, barrels, and ammo types.  
  • A varied selection of multiplayer maps that are heavily inspired by real-life industrial technology and space exploration. 
  • Unpredictable and challenging tactical gameplay dictated by weapon customisation, multiple combat classes, complex map navigation and more. 
  • A sneak-peek at Boundary’s progression system to unlock weapons, skins, other cosmetics, and more for each of the available Astroperators.

Players can wishlist the game on Steam and also head to the official website to sign up for the beta.


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