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Holstin – New Psychological Horror Game

Explore, fight and survive in an eerie 90’s Polish lakeside town that has slowly been engulfed by something sinister. The pixel art and Polish voice acting with English subs in the trailer is what caught my eye initially, though English voice acting will also be available according to the developers at Sonka. The game is heavily inspired by the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series with the narrative team aiming for a darker Twin Peaks feel. Tick, tick and tick!

In Holstin, an ominous presence has slowly enveloped everything and everyone. A close colleague of yours came here, looking for answers to a newspaper story. But after a series of incoherent and troubling messages, all contact was lost. Now you need to venture into this psyche-shattering town to find out the truth and the fate of your friend. Holstin uses 2XD Rendering technology which allows the team to create real time lighting in a pixel-art game and it looks fantastic.

Game Features:

Explore a Possessed Town
Something is very wrong in the town of Jeziorne-Kolonia. The streets are overrun by some kind of filthy slime. The people, the buildings, and the wildlife all seem to be slowly deteriorating from the inside.

Fight and Survive Against Unfathomable Monstrosities
Scavenge for scarce supplies and weapons to fight off the twisted monstrosities now roaming the darkest corners of the town.

Speak to Locals Slowly Losing Their Minds
Sanity among the locals seems to be slowly slipping away, but they are the only ones who can get you the answers you need. You will have to play along with their unnerving delusions and try to understand their festering world to get anywhere.

Classic Visuals with Modern Tricks and Technology
Hand-drawn, 3D pixel-art enhanced with dynamic lighting and a free camera system.

A demo will be released this month on Steam and the full game will be coming to PC and consoles sometime in 2023.


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