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Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong DLC Announced

Late last week, Zenimax Online Studios hosted the Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event livestream, providing players with an extensive look at the adventures included in this year’s final story DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. The Firesong DLC will feature 15 hours of new story content which will revolve around a new, unexplored zone, the mysterious island of Galen, where players will come across new characters, monsters, and plenty of political turmoil. The final DLC for 2022 will be available for PC, Steam and Mac players on November 1, and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on November 15.

In Firesong, you can explore Galen, one of the four islands of the Systres Archipelago. Abundant and fertile, this isolated isle northwest of High Isle has long served the druid circles of the Systres. Galen features overgrown forests, inhospitable jungles, snaking lava rivers, woodland spirits, and creatures unique to this part of Tamriel. It’s not only the druids who call this island home, however, as House Mornard and their southern port city of Vastyr provides a lone bastion of civilization among the untamed wilds. While you explore and dive deep into lore of the druids and Galen, you’ll encounter no shortage of challenges, including new world bosses, delves, volcanic vents, and standalone quests, too.

Having run the four dungeons added with both the Ascending Tide and Lost Depths DLC too many times to count, Firesong is going to extend the main story that we played through with the High Isle chapter released in June. The main story worked its way up to a stormy conclusion, and I am super keen to see where the political intrigue story take us next. While Firesong features a standalone story, should you complete the main questlines for both this DLC and the High Isle Chapter, you’ll unlock additional bonus quests that bring the Legacy of the Bretons year-long saga to its conclusion. Throughout your journeys in Galen, you will piece together the events of all of 2022’s DLC and Chapter content to finally uncover and confront the Ascendant Lord himself.

Also arriving as part of the Firesong DLC is the newest Tales of Tribute patron—the Druid King! This all-new patron rewards you for achieving hefty combos with their deck, and the order by which you play your cards is vital to ensure you get the best possible result. You’ll unlock fragments of the Druid King Patron deck by completing a wide range of activities within Galen, but note that to the unlock the ability to play Tales of Tribute (and your new patron) you’ll need access to the High Isle Chapter, too.

Releasing alongside Firesong is the Update 36 base-game patch which will bring balance changes, bug fixes, and features completely free for all of ESO’s players! These additions include a tool that allows you to place target markers on enemies, a text-to-speech accessibility option, the ability to hide class pets in towns (no more bears crowding crafting stations!), and a number of changes to make it easier to share and visit homes. These Housing improvements include the ability to create chat links to your homes, improved visibility in whose house you’re visiting as well as how many people are present in a home, the ability to see the list of furnishings in a home that you are visiting, and improved placement alignment for hundreds of furnishings.

The Firesong Prologue is now live and available for anybody who owns The Elder Scrolls Online, with no previous DLC or Chapter purchase required. To continue your Legacy of the Bretons adventure and begin a tale that will bring this year-long saga to its exciting conclusion, pick up the free quest starter titled “Sojourn of the Druid King” from the in-game Crown Store. The final DLC for 2022 will be available for PC, Steam and Mac players on November 1, and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on November 15.


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