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Crossfire: Legion Launches in Early Access

Crossfire: Legion, a modern, action-packed, real-time strategy game launched yesterday May 24, 2022, in Early Access on Steam. Developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Prime Matter, Crossfire: Legion features real time tactical action in furious battle across a shattered version of the near future. I’ve been playtesting the game since January this year and it’s given me flashbacks of some of the Command and Conquer games over the years, as well as elements of StarCraft 2. Until now, we were limited to just playing multiplayer games and for me, I have only experienced games versus the AI. With this early access release, we gain access to Act 1 of the story campaign, which I am most excited about, Payload and Versus modes, co-op and the additional 24 units and 3 commanders recently announced.

Crossfire: Legion is set in the near future of the Crossfire universe, where society is disintegrating and the world is consumed by corporate conflicts. Players take control of a fearless faction commander (and his army) of one of the three factions – Black List, Global Risk, and New Horizon – and fight for supremacy in a variety of terrains and environments in single and multiplayer campaigns. Each commander has special skills on the battlefield that can turn the tide in battle. Knowing how to best use them, but also how to counter them, will be crucial to survive in the many multiplayer modes.

With 45 units to choose from (air/ground attack, transport, infantry, etc.) and six unique commanders, players must raise and customize their army, manage resources, consolidate and advance their positions to dominate the map. In addition to the strong narrative campaign, the game will test players’ competitive and strategic skills through a larger number of units and commanders. In the further course of the Early Access phase of Crossfire: Legion, Acts 2, 3 and 4 will also be available to participants. The dates will be announced at a later date. UGC tools and ESL-supported tournaments will also be introduced later in development and will play a key role in revitalizing the community.

“At its core, Crossfire: Legion is a classically inspired real-time strategy game. What distinguishes it are the magical elements of the macro strategy with the customization of army, map and game,” says Maurice Grela, Game Designer at Blackbird Interactive. “We miss the strengths of these classics and created Crossfire: Legion with them in mind. Now we’re excited to finally bring the game into Early Access and can’t wait to hear what players who grew up with RTS or are (re)discovering the genre think of it.”

Announcements still to come for the Early Access phase of Crossfire: Legion:

  • New maps and units
  • Additional game modes (including Battle Royale, Round Robin and more!)
  • Built-in replay system with analysis function to improve your own tactics
  • Level editor tool to create your own maps & modes to share
  • Steam Workshop with unique community-created challenges

Crossfire: Legion is out now on Steam Early Access.


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