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Crossfire: Legion Leaves Early Access Dec 6

Crossfire: Legion, a modern, action-packed, real-time strategy game launched in early access in May this year and has had a steady flow of major content updates since then. Developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Prime Matter, Crossfire: Legion features real time tactical action in furious battle across a shattered version of the near future. Today it was confirmed that the game would leave early access on December 6, 2022, and there will be a ‘Free Weekend’ so players can discover the game for themselves on December 8-11.

In Crossfire: Legion, players take control of a fearless faction commander (and his army) of one of the three factions – Black List, Global Risk, and New Horizon – and fight for supremacy in a variety of terrains and environments in single and multiplayer campaigns. Each commander has special skills on the battlefield that can turn the tide in battle. Knowing how to best use them, but also how to counter them, will be crucial to survive in the many multiplayer modes.

Here’s what the developers had to say about the upcoming full launch of the game:

“Crossfire: Legion has grown hugely since entering early access in May this year. This period has proved immensely valuable, working closely with the passions and expertise of RTS communities taught us what today’s fans of classic RTS want to see, they moulded the game. For example, our original meta-progression system – involving soft currency to unlock units and commanders in a confusingly presented “store” – was immediately removed due to players fears we might introduce micro-transactions for gameplay-affecting items. It also broke the immediacy of the classic RTS experience, whereby the whole army toolbox is accessible from the start.

We listened to the community, ditching the progression system, doubling down on adding content, adding balance tweaks etc. The game has come a long way with now plenty of game modes, maps, units – and a map-making tool – all of which we offers the generous content and feel of classic RTS of yore. Rightly, a massive thanks goes to those who have stuck with us for the early access ride. Your patience and support has been rewarded. By way of thanks and so that you can play with your friends who have been patiently waiting by the side-line, we will launch with a Free Weekend!”

Here’s the full list of everything going into the final version on December 6:

  • Campaign Act IV added
  • Operation Northside Coop mode added
  • New Game Mode Brawl
  • New Skirmish Map: Labyrinth (3v3)
  • New PayLoad Map: Tongren Facility (3v3)   
  • 12 new units, 4 for each faction:
  • 3 additional commanders:
    • Warden (Global Risk)
    • Stalker (Black List)
    • Cipher (New Horizon)
  • A.I. creation for Battle Lines, Payload, Brawl and Standard Game modes

For more details and a look at the units and commanders, check out today’s DevBlog. Crossfire: Legion is out now on Steam and leaves early access on December 6.


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