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FFXIV – First Year of OCE Data Centre Materia

Everyone has their favourite MMORPGs, and most have servers and data centres in the US/UK and Asia. We here in Australia have had several MMORPG utilise OCE servers like Ultima Online, World of Warcraft and recently Wild Terra 2: New Lands. This time last year, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) had their first OCE data centre go live, called Materia, containing five servers/worlds for OCE players: Bismarck, Ravana, Sephirot, Sophia, and Zurvan. Today marks the one-year anniversary of Materia launching and the OCE community has enjoyed much lower latencies, but more importantly it has made communities come together much easier.

Some local players gave their thoughts on having a local DC to play on:

Mark Withers: “I started running a regular glamour contest on the Materia DC when it opened and met a bunch of mad lads in-game. We got to meet up in person at PAX AUS and fight Zodiark together. It was an absolute blast seeing everyone and hanging out IRL as a result of my events on Materia.”

Janet R.: “The first night on Materia was so special, waving and saying hello to everyone. There was also a lot of stopping to laugh and congratulate people on their choice of some great Aussie and Kiwi names!” Some great names of note were Maccas Run, Crocodile Bundee, Fandaniel Ricciardo, Dan Murphys and Sausage Sanga.

John Benedict T. Gabitan (pictured above): “Ever since the new DC opened, FFXIV has been more recognisable in NZ. I’ve met some players locally after they recognised my Yshtola car at a local convention!”

Lyn: “Because we’re such a localised DC, I actually recognise names when I end up playing with people again. Everybody remembers mine, so it’s nice to recognise others too!”

To help celebrate this anniversary, FFXIV collaborated with local cooking creator MissMollyMakes to create two Aussie-inspired recipes for the game, the Chocobo Lamington and Cactuar Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream & Vegemite Salted Caramel. Be sure to check out the video links and get your hunger on for more FFXIV.

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