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Indie Insights Ep8: Al Thumm From Orchid Of Redemption

Indie Insights is a new video series from Roundtable Co-Op where we talk to people involved the indie game scene. From shining a light on games that you may not have heard of before, to showing lines of support out there for indie game developers looking to gain more knowledge in their industry, we will look at them all through this interview series.

In the first episode of Indie Insights for 2024 Str8JaktJim chats with Al Thumm from Orchid of Redemption and Lamplight Forest about their new title Dream Of The Star Haven. Get to know Al’s background in music technology and game design before diving into Dream Of The Star Haven, how it came to be and what it feels like to play an expansive 3D platformer.

Dream Of The Star Haven releases on the 25th January 2024 into Steam Early Access for free.

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