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Myth of Empires Previews New Greece DLC Coming July

Today we have been given a sneak peak of an upcoming Greece DLC for sandbox game Myth of Empires. Developer Angela Game and publisher Imperium Interactive Entertainment have provided a first look at some of the new armour sets and buildings that will be making a debut in the Greece DLC which is planned for a July 2024 release.

These armour sets and buildings combine Angela Game’s dedication to historical accuracy within Myth of Empires, resulting in craftable items that are both functional and aesthetically-pleasing. The armour most recently previewed is crafted using meteoric iron, one of the rarest and most valuable materials in the game, while the marble structures feature elements of Greek design, such as columns and pedimented roofs.

Justin and I loved our time in Myth of Empires when it launched v1.0 in February with its compelling world to explore either solo or co-op. This multiplayer sandbox game featuring a high degree of freedom and multiple civilizations. Players will fight to survive and earn their place in a world torn by war, build fortresses, lead armies in massive battles, siege enemy cities, and establish their own empires!

Key features available in Myth of Empires:

  • Brave an unforgiving world full of bandits, wild animals, and hostile players. Stave off hunger with meat collected through hunting, and collect resources from the world to build a fortress.
  • Engage enemies in intense, bloody combat. Control the direction of your strikes to maximize their impact and damage.
  • Craft dozens of different kinds of weapons and armor to help you in battle. Make swords, spears, halberds, axes, throwing weapons, crossbows, bows, shields, and more!
  • Construct massive siege weapons such as ballistas, catapults, trebuchets, and siege ladders to wreak havoc on enemy fortresses!
  • Traverse a massive open world by land, air, and sea. Tame mountable horses and elephants,soar through the skies on gliders and kites, or sail stream and sea alike upon your own crafted boats.
  • Two maps: Zhongzhou, the game’s original map; and Version 1.0’s new Dongzhou Island map, an expansive new world featuring islets, volcanoes, seas, and ships, as well as new boss content. This new map is a free addition to the game.
  • A robust guild system allows players to form factions with their friends and form alliances with other guilds, all in the name of conquering the world!
  • Multiple ways to play the game, including hosted and solo modes, private servers, and official servers. Both PVE and PVP servers are available.
  • Modding support as well as a robust modding tool, giving players more power over the world of Myth of Empires than ever before.
  • New civilizations on the horizon, with Greek and Persian civilizations planned to be released later this year.

Myth of Empires is available now on Steam and the Greece DLC is set for release in July 2024.


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