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Solasta: Palace of Ice DLC Launches on PC & Xbox

Solasta: Palace of Ice is the next DLC for the outstanding cRPG, Solasta: Crown of the Magister. It’s been a short while since I last dived into the game when the Lost Valley DLC dropped last year, but Palace of Ice is the biggest DLC pack to date. Playable in solo or co-op, it gives players a brand-new campaign with over 25 hours of new content taking place following the end of the original Crown of the Magister campaign. 

Designed with higher level characters in mind (level 10-16), players will discover entirely new locations and weather effects, as well as new enemy types and high level character development (spells, items, armors, etc). New dungeon maker environments have also been added, as well as two new races to complete your party – Gnomes and Tieflings.

This new campaign sees the Soraks infiltrating Gallivan and threatening the Snow Alliance after making a deal with the demons. The heroes will have to explore a totally new region and reunite the different clans of the Snow Alliance in order to try to bring the spread of Soraks and Demons to an end. An all-new free content update will also provide more faces for character creation, as well as important Dungeon Maker improvements: the ability to play levels 12-16, a dedicated world map and an NPC follower system.

The Solasta: Palace of Ice DLC is out now on SteamGOG, and Microsoft.


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