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Stranded: Alien Dawn – Dunes and Moons Update

Back in October, Frontier Foundry and developer Haemimont Games, creators of the strategic sci-fi city builder, Surviving Mars, and one of my favourite aRPGs, Victor Vran, launched Stranded: Alien Dawn into early access on Steam. Set in the beautiful yet unforgiving mountainous landscapes of Sobrius, players must manage the needs of their small group of marooned survivors and utilise nearby resources to transform the crash site into a thriving base. The first early access update to the game has just been released in the form of the Dunes and Moons update.

Starting with nothing but the basics, survivors must salvage, harvest, and craft their way from the bare essentials such as beds and a campfire, to a high-tech fortress with automated defences. With a variety of modular building blocks and devices available to explore, from the simple to the grandiose, each ever-evolving base is completely unique. There is a range of survivors to choose from and utilising their individual skills, traits, and unique backstories is vital to ensure that they complement each other and can work together. As the group is pushed to the brink, battling against alien wildlife attacks, mysterious illnesses, and extreme weather, survivors will be at the heart of players’ every decision.

In the Dunes and Moons update, players can explore the stunning yet unforgiving new biome, Desertum with its own unique challenges, as well as vibrant native flora and fauna. Budding survivalists will be able to put their skills to the ultimate test with a new survivor, Sora Satoh, who will prove a complimentary member of any marooned group thanks to her enhanced combat skills and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. In addition, three new moons, Jason, Nyx, and Chaos, each bring with the presence an influence on gameplay events, while two new difficulty levels will provide a challenge for even the most experienced of players.

In addition, the Dunes and Moons Update introduces two new difficulty levels designed to challenge even the most adept of survival strategists. Very Hard and Insane difficulties will allow you to test yourself in the ultimate opportunity to prove your skills. You will also have the chance to unlock five new achievements, as your survivors grapple with their harsh new surroundings. With even more gripping content to come throughout early access, Stranded: Alien Dawn is available now on Steam.


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