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The Great War: Western Front Campaign Deep Dive

A new development diary for Frontier Foundry and Petroglyph’s upcoming WW1 RTS, The Great War: Western Front, has been revealed tonight. We will be able to uncover exclusive new intelligence on campaign and battlefield tactics as players seek to overwhelm the enemy. One of our writers Yonan went hands-on with the demo as part of Steam Next Fest earlier in the month and was extremely impressed with the gameplay stating, “the game has long term replayability value like other great entries in the genre such as Company of Heroes, Total War, and Starcraft.”

In this latest dev diary entry, ‘Commanding the Western Front’, Senior Producer Ted Morris, Lead Designer Chris Becker, Senior Designer Patrick Pannullo and Senior Content Designer David Kondor from Petroglyph guide commanders through a detailed look at the immersive and authentic campaign. Players will take on the dual role of both Theatre and Field Commander as they relive or redefine history in the upcoming real-time strategy game, choosing to take charge as the early embers of war flicker in 1914, or assuming command of the front in 1916 with battle lines already drawn.

All decisions players make will have a telling impact on their war effort, from how they best utilise vital economies of gold and supply, to the ground-breaking technologies they’ll commit their research points to in an effort to tip the balance of the war in their favour. Returning to deteriorating battlefields carrying the scars from previous conflicts, Commanders must utilise their resources to bring their plans to fruition, creating intricate trench networks, engaging enemy fighters in grueling dogfights or launching coordinated artillery barrages. Across an immersive campaign, players will discover a war of attrition where each victory and defeat have its own cost. At times the best outcome may be calling a halt in order to preserve valuable resources and morale, as they seek to wear down their opponent’s National Will in a conflict unlike any other.

Getting WW1 trench warfare to be fun to play is no easy feat. It’s already considered the most horrible warfare humanity has engaged in, but that reality also hasn’t easily lent itself to fun gameplay as long periods of suffering in trenches punctuated by charging into machine gun fire in no man’s land is hard to make fun. The Great War: Western Front has made a very admirable attempt at it.

The Great War: Western Front will launch on March 30 on PC and players can pre-order now on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players who pre-order will be able to draw up their battle plans three days earlier, from March 27.


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