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Win a Sonic Frontiers Inspired Controller

The latest game in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe released this week with SEGA’s Sonic Frontiers. This is the Blue Blur’s first open-zone, action-adventure platforming game, taking Sonic to the mysterious Starfall Islands in search of the Chaos Emeralds. To help celebrate the game’s launch, a custom-made controller from TagMODS, in collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog and Turtle Beach’s Recon Controller, has been produced in limited numbers and you could win one for yourself.

The controllers, valued at AUD$470 each, are comprised of around 50 blue hedgehog spikes with customised red-and-white shoes on the shoulders and grips. Five Star Games has commissioned 20 to be available for Australian consumers to win through various giveaways, starting today with Turtle Beach AU’s Twitter page (@Turtlebeach_AU), and extending to EB Games’ Instagram (@EBGamesAU) also. This competition will end one week after its starting dates, and the controllers are not available for purchase outside of these giveaways, meaning folks will have to get in quick!

Over on Turtle Beach AU’s Twitter, the entry mechanic asks consumers to follow the handle and tweet a photo of themselves pulling their best recreation of the Sonic Frontiers cover image. Grind rails, surf the streets and you can win, it’s that easy. Then over on EB Games AU’s Instagram, eagers fans must like their competition post and tell there where in the world you would go with the power of super speed. Good luck!

You can read our review of Sonic Frontiers here. In summary: “Sonic Frontiers is one of the best action platformer games I have played in some time. The mix of fast-paced on rails levels balanced with exploring the open zone islands was a pleasure to progress through. Just when the gameplay loop was getting tired towards the end of an island, the boss fight before the next island reinvigorated you to charge on through a new biome with new monster types and it became fresh again. Plus, any game that has fishing in it gets a vote from me!”


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